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Modern Style Design Inspiration for your Home

Posted on June 01, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

While we often talk about how we modernize home’s by replacing windows, doors, and patio doors, usually, when making these renovations or designing and supplying said products to our trade partners, we are quite savvy to other ideas and plans for creating a more modern home. The vast majority of homeowners who are looking to update their homes with more modern windows or doors are also more than likely to be modernizing other aspects of their homes as well. Given this exposure to beautiful modernization projects, we want to share some of our favorite modern design aspects from some of the projects we’ve helped with.

Clean Lines and Sharp Anglesmodern windows with sharp lines and angles

Be this a square or rectangle island or a unique lamp with sharp lines, clean lines and sharper angles are found in most modern style homes. Since this a very broad element, you also find it in more ‘contemporary’ homes as well. Rarely in either of these styles will you find rounded corners, doorways or scalloped trim.


white marble countertops

While marble can be popular in more design styles than just modern, you’ll often find gray, white and black marble as a part of a modern styled home.

Metal, Glass, Steel

These are elements that often occupy both modern and contemporary styles but the difference is that usually modern is accompanied by more warm subtle accents whereas contemporary is less likely to utilize warm colors as accents and instead if there is color, it’s usually bright and meant to pop.

Wood Accentswood accents in modern home

Wood accents are one modern design element that differs from contemporary. While contemporary rarely uses warm wood accents, it’s a staple part of modern home design.

Slight Warm Features

As mentioned above, warmer features, even neutrals tones (such as tan), tend to occupy modern design aesthetics, whereas contemporary might be more described as ‘cold’.

Modern vs. Contemporary

The above characteristics and design elements are mostly defined with modernism however, modern and contemporary design styles often have much in common and often you’ll find elements of both in homes looking to achieve either aesthetic. In addition, both styles share a few characteristics as well. The following design elements can be equally claimed by both modern and contemporary design styles.

An “Open Space Feel”open living room with modern black windows

Both modern and contemporary styles tend to lean towards open-concept spaces. This is in contrast with more traditional homes where you tend to see more walls and separation.


A minimalist feel, meaning fewer knick-knacks and more storage tends to also lend itself towards the modern style home.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as black, white, tan, and gray tend to be found in both modern and contemporary homes. Though contemporary will lean less towards tan and more towards black, white and gray.

neutral colored modern living space

Regardless of what elements of design tend to be more modern, what it comes down to is your personal preference. While it can be great to get inspiration from these modern design elements and projects; it is by no means a rule that you must include all of them. Designing your home custom to yourself is the top priority for our trade partners as well as our sales consultants.

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