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Preparing for the Seasons with Replacement Windows

Posted on March 01, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

Three white double-hung replacement windows with red shutters on a brick home near Pittsburgh

Since the weather is constantly changing in Pittsburgh, it’s important that your windows are prepared to handle everything nature throws at them. At Pella of Pittsburgh, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions for your window needs, including the creation of durable, functional, and stylish window replacements or new installations that enhance your home’s comfort year-round.

Curious about the benefits of replacement windows in Pittsburgh and how Pella helps customers find the right fit for their home’s aesthetic? Check out some of the top perks of upgrading your home windows and see a few of our most recent window replacement projects below. 

Replacement Windows Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Are you experiencing cold drafts in your home? Leaky windows may be the culprit. Drafts are one of the most common reasons homeowners choose to install replacement windows, especially since poor window quality can contribute to abnormally high utility bills. If you’re noticing increased utility charges during weather changes or experiencing other indicators that your windows may not be up to par, it’s time to consider investing in replacement windows. 

Among the many benefits provided by window replacements, energy efficiency is vital to the overall environmental and temperature regulation of your home. The variety of energy-efficient windows offered at Pella of Pittsburgh – which includes styles ranging from double hung windows to custom special shape windows –  blend together functionality and a beautiful appearance, both of which help make your home stand out. 

Our ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows utilize triple-pane glass, low-emissivity coatings, and Argon between the panes of glass to improve insulation. The final result? Windows that help your home keep up with the unpredictable seasons of Pittsburgh and maintain a consistent temperature to lower utility bills.

Replacement Windows Are Durable

Another reason why Pella window replacements and new installations are great for the various seasons stems from their durability. For example, our fiberglass windows are extremely durable and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures alike. Fiberglass is a strong material, trusted to make heavy-duty items like boats and aircrafts. 

In addition to their home use, our fiberglass windows also meet the durability requirements mandated for commercial buildings. Whether you’re choosing casement windows, bow windows, or even a new front door, fiberglass material options can be an excellent fit for holding up against the diversity of Pittsburgh’s weather.

Another option for increasing the durability of your replacement windows is to opt for wood windows with an aluminum-clad exterior. With the addition of the aluminum, your wood windows will be better protected from the elements. Having durable windows means that your windows will be able to maintain their efficiency longer, regardless of heat, rain, or snow.

Black fiberglass awning window behind kitchen sink in home near Pittsburgh

Replacement Windows Can Enhance Your Home’s Style Year-Round

As for style, new replacement windows can complement your home and make it shine regardless of the season. By choosing from classic finishes and colors like white, black, and neutrals, you can be sure that your windows stay in harmony with your interior and exterior designs – even if you decide to change things up later. 

Looking to update your Pittsburgh home, but want to keep things timeless? Lightly stained wood windows showcase your home’s craftsmanship and add a touch of natural warmth to any design. White replacement windows can add a sense of spaciousness to interiors and evoke a crisp, clean design style. Love all things bold and modern? Black replacement windows can create a gorgeous contrast on brick, light-colored siding, stone, and lighter interiors. 

Replacement Window Customizations Offer Functionality and Comfort 

The right window solutions are designed to improve your home's performance and fit your lifestyle. For example, you can opt for replacement windows with triple-pane glass to improve your home’s energy efficiency during Pittsburgh's fluctuating seasons, as well as dampen the noise from the outdoors if you live near a busy street. Live in an area with seasonal pollen increases? Double hung windows are one of the easiest window options to clean, thanks to the ability to open from both the upper and lower sashes.

Window treatments can also help increase your home's functionality. We offer blinds and shades between the glass of your windows so you can easily control the amount of light and privacy you have, without the hassle of cleaning or protecting them from damage.

Window screens are another feature that help increase your home's ventilation and enjoyment during a beautiful day. Plus, they keep out any unwanted pests. We offer several innovative screen options, so your screen is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. For example, our hidden screen on our vinyl windows and our Rolscreen® on our wood windows are both self-storing.

Large black replacement windows with blinds between the glass in living room

See How Window Replacements from Pella of Pittsburgh Helped Locals Improve Their Homes

Our team at Pella of Pittsburgh loves helping local homeowners in and around the community. Here are some of the local projects we have done and how we were able to improve the energy efficiency of these homes with our products:

  • This State College, PA, homeowner had an old, drafty window on the side of their home that needed to be replaced. We installed a new vinyl double-hung window to match the rest of the home while also improving energy efficiency.
  • This Pittsburgh, PA, homeowner had inefficient aluminum sliders and wanted to replace them with more efficient ones while also maintaining the same level of functionality as a sliding window. We installed vinyl sliding windows to accomplish the homeowner’s energy efficiency, function, and style goals. The sliders also had a white finish on the inside and a black finish on the outside to suit the home's aesthetic.
  • These Erie, PA, homeowners wanted to allow more air into their home and to improve their front windows' functionality overall. We installed three double-hung vinyl windows, ideal for opening either from the top or bottom sash during the warmer months while also keeping the home energy efficient during the colder times of the year. The new replacement windows also boosted the home's curb appeal.

It's clear that replacement windows have many benefits when it comes to improving your home’s functionality, style, and energy efficiency. Our team at Pella of Pittsburgh is here to help you find the best, longest-lasting windows for your home.

Schedule your free in-home consultation today to speak to one of our window experts about your needs. 

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