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Working Holiday Home Décor into your Home's Aesthetic

Posted on December 23, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

The holidays are a great time of year. From seasonal music to great food, to one of our personal favorites, festive home décor! While bringing out the holiday home décor is some homeowners’ favorite time of year, it can also present a challenge. Finding the right holiday home décor for your style is no easy task. Luckily, we constantly work with homeowners in their homes, and have picked up a few style tricks to help you for this holiday season!

holiday decor fireplace

If your home’s style is more modern…

Modern homes focus on minimalistic designs and basic or earthy tones. To match holiday décor to this style, focus on pieces that are deep in color. Think deep greens, reds, golds and navy blues coupled with bright whites or silvers. In addition, keep designs with lots of intricate detail to a minimum. Simple greenery will also be a great holiday décor staple for modern homes.

If your home's style is more traditional…

Traditional-style homes might be the easiest to decorate for the holidays. Traditional-style homes focus on warm, calm and orderly staple pieces. Often, they feature ornate décor with browns, reds and golds paired with warm whites and ivories. You can also find a lot of warm wood tones with this style. To complement that, think traditional holiday décor. Bold red poinsettias and greenery with lots of warm accents and baubles will look great with this style, as will bright, twinkly and warm lighting.

If your home’s style is more rustic…

Rustic home styles focus on rugged and natural beauty. In a rustic home, you’re going to find a lot of natural-looking pieces. Exposed wood, stone and brick are commonly found, and you’ll see a lot of indoor plants in rustic homes as well. Holiday home décor with natural-looking greens, golds and silvers will pair well with this style. This type of home is perfect for natural garlands, greenery and holiday wreaths for your entry door. Warm lights can also be a great addition to holiday décor with this style of home.

If your home’s style is more minimalistic…

Holiday decorating for a minimalistic style can be a bit more difficult, as less is usually more. Focus on deep greens, navy blues, and whites for this style, and try to get a few key pieces with lots of white space, rather than lots of busy decorations. In addition, finding décor with straight lines and simple finishes will help you to stay true to your minimalistic home style.

If your home’s style is more contemporary…

Decorating for the holidays in a home with a contemporary style is one of the easiest as contemporary design is constantly evolving, staying true to whatever is trending. For this look, focus on finding styles and colors that are trending and you’ll manage to stay true to your contemporary style home just fine.

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