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Pella of Portland Works With Local Blogger on Beautiful 1937 Historic Home Window Replacement

posted on February 15, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Portland

Inside of a historic home featuring large picture window with black grilles and natural wood frame

Suzannah Stanley, a local Portland blogger with a penchant for DIY projects and home renovations, was searching for a front window replacement for her beautiful 1937 Tudor Revival-style home. 

This home featured a unique, large, east-facing front window that let tons of natural light into the living room – making the mornings prime time for serene sunlight. The traditional style window also created a beautiful focal point on the home’s front façade. 

Wanting to stay true to her home’s historic style, but needing to replace the old window for multiple reasons, Suzannah needed to find a window replacement company in Portland that could accomplish both while also matching her budget – that’s why she chose Pella. 

The Problem: Drafty, Old Window on a Historic Home 

Photo of old, outdated, damaged window that needed replacing

Photo Credit: Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blog

Suzannah needed the front single window replaced in her home’s living room – and to stay true to the home’s historic style, she was looking for a wood window that would match the windows throughout the rest of the house. 

The original window had some wear and tear over the years. Its glass panes were loosening as the welding deteriorated and came undone – they were wiggling around in the frame and rattling with strong winds. Because of the loosening panes, water had also started to leak inside, damaging the sill and floor below and wearing on the wood’s varnish.

Close up of old wood window frame with worn varnish and wear and tear

Close up of old window featuring loosening grilles

Close up of old window with a crack in the bottom left glass pane

Photo Credit: Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blog

In addition to these issues, the old window was drafty – especially in the winter – which hindered the home’s energy efficiency and also made this main entertainment area uncomfortable. While blackout curtains helped keep the draft out temporarily, they eliminated the room’s natural light, which really took away from the enjoyment of the room. Suzannah considered window repair, but quickly learned of the high investment and chance of failure, which led her to choose a window replacement. 

Once she decided that a window replacement was the way to go, Suzannah spent some time researching the best Portland window replacement company to achieve her goals. In the end, she chose Pella of Portland to achieve her window replacement goals. 

The Solution: Pella’s Customizable Window Replacement and Expert Installation 

Suzannah was searching for a window that solved the problems she was experiencing and was made with modern materials but also stayed true to the historical integrity and style of her home. After speaking with other window replacement companies, she found that Pella’s pricing was comparable to other window companies, but these quotes didn’t include installation and would require her to find and pay for a qualified, reputable window installer. 

“I reached out to several window companies and Pella was by far the most professional and enjoyable to work with. They were quick to get back to me and (this is huge) established one point of contact throughout the whole process. Dani was so friendly and knowledgeable and quick to get my quote back to me – and even drove out to my house 40 minutes away to hold up materials samples next to my existing historic windows. I was initially overwhelmed by the options but she quickly helped me narrow it down once I described what I wanted, and understood what would be best for the age of my home. When install day came, the installers were right on time and worked so quickly! The window is perfect and (especially after some of the cold weather, wind, and rain we've had since) I am so happy I made this investment in my home.” – Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blogger 

The Results: A New Window That Stays True to the Home’s Historic Beauty

Street view of newly updated white window with black grilles on the brick part of the home's facade

Interior view of new picture window with wood trim and black grilles

Photo Credit: Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blog

Suzannah worked with our local Portland team to choose the right window replacement. Our representative visited her home and brought samples to ensure they found the best fit. She opted for a direct set, fixed frame window that was insulated with double-pane low-E glass and between-the-glass, traditional-style grilles. Being a DIY enthusiast, Suzannah opted to leave the interior trim unfinished and went with a primed window exterior, which she then painted and stained later on.

Close-up of white window exterior, painted by the homeowner

Photo Credit: Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blog

“Working with my Pella branch felt like working with a local business. One point of contact (who was very responsive), local project examples, expert local installers and an understanding of what's appropriate for historic Portland area homes – I could not get this service from some of the others I contacted. One of them didn't even install the windows they sold so I would have had to hire a contractor myself. Some don't even make wood windows anymore. Pella was the clear choice for me!” – Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blogger 

Our team was able to install the new window and match the original interior frame and window style so that the replacement closely resembled the original.  

Collage of two close-up photos of the picture window from the inside with wood trim

Photo Credit: Suzannah Stanley, Create Enjoy Blog

Pella of Portland Is Here for Your Window and Door Needs

Whether you’re looking for a window or door replacement for your historic home or are building your residence from scratch, our local team of window and door experts can help. We’ve proudly helped homeowners throughout Portland find the window and door solutions they’ve been looking for – but don’t just take our word for it – view local projects that we’ve completed for homeowners throughout Portland. 

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