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6 Décor Trends with Vintage Inspiration

posted on June 19, 2018 in Inspiration

Vintage Decor Trends

We often say that history repeats itself, but so do styles and décor trends. Clothing and music are constantly reaching back into the past for inspiration, and the same can be said for design and decorating trends for 2018.

This year, 1970s and ‘80s-inspired décor is making a comeback and heavily influencing the design, colors, and interiors of homes. Let’s take a look at six key vintage trends.

1. Velvet fabrics

Vintage decor trends - velvet fabrics

Sumptuous fabrics, such as leather, linen, and velvet are making their way back into homes. A leather or velvet couch and chair can be the perfect vintage-inspired addition to your living room. Velvet fabric can be very comfortable and add a unique charm to any room. You can incorporate the fabric in a large-scale piece like a chair or couch, or go for a smaller addition like a throw pillow or table runner.

2. Art Deco and dark wood grains

Art Deco vintage decor ideas

Patterns are back. Art deco, made famous in France, is rising in popularity and taking over dressers, cabinets, tables, and even floors. These ornate patterns bring out the style of a room, and also add texture and dimension.

Furniture and objects made with a dark wood grain are another trend with a throwback feel. Deck out your home with dark wood furniture. Maybe even go a step further with wood paneling. While shiplap is still a popular and valid option, the vintage aspect of wood paneling is making a comeback — especially as an accent wall. Many modern wood walls are hung horizontally rather than the vertical panels of the 60s and 70s.

3. Big, bold florals

Vintage furniture ideas

Floral prints never seem to go completely out of style, but they’re back again. Modern florals appear with bold colors and eye-catching designs. Enhance those vintage vibes with a floral print of your own choosing. If you are hesitant to commit, try this trend as a throw pillow first. If you’re big into floral, you can go big with floral furniture or modern floral wallpaper (another vintage trend). Pair your floral prints with a neutral palette to make them feel elegant and elevated.

4. ‘70s Chic – Warm Palettes

Vintage house decor

Say hello again to chic. Warm palettes have made their way back into homes with rich colors including brown, tan, ruby red, and green. Of course, grey is still a popular color, but it’s most likely paired with a warmer tone. Warm metallics are also rising in popularity, such as brass, copper, and rose gold. These vintage nods to a past time can warm up your home and give you a combination of old and new.

5. Terrazzo

Modern vintage decor - terrazzo

It dominated all kinds of surfaces in the ‘70s, and now it’s roaring back. That’s right, it’s terrazzo, the speckled, colorful composite. Try incorporating terrazzo as a tile, countertop, or anywhere you want to add a fun pop of color in a vintage modern way. The terrazzo trend shows that patterns are the defining, overall vintage aesthetic. And the more patterned, the better.

6. Houseplants

Vintage decor - plants

Speaking of patterns, patterned houseplants are popping up in homes. These vibrant and intricately-patterned plants are a perfect option to add life and greenery to your home. Get a brightly-colored plant that goes with the rest of your vintage décor theme and place it in a spot where it stands out. For simple ways to incorporate this trend, try placing a single palm leaf inside a clear glass jar or start a small, indoor herb garden.

The vintage vibes are real in 2018. Even though these trends are blasts from the past, they are still relevant and modern in today’s décor. Now, get your vintage shopping on and give your house a throwback, yet modern feel.

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