Contemporary Home In Door County, WI

Contemporary Home In Door County, WI


Beautiful Lake Michigan Contemporary Home

A night view of the Door County, WI home showcasing all of its windows. 

When you live on Lake Michigan in Door County, WI, you want to be able to take in the beautiful views as much as possible. There's something about the lake that is truly relaxing, especially during the summer months when the lake is a cool blue, gorgeous color.

To enjoy that beautiful view of Lake Michigan, a home design was put into place that utilized multiple Pella windows, allowing the homeowners to take in the cool blue view of the lake from almost every room within it. 

View of Lake Michigan

A view of Lake Michigan from inside of the home. 

A Contemporary Design

The home was created by DeLeers Construction and Home Designer Mitch Wise. Both of whom frequently partner with our team on their proejcts. Construction was completed in the fall of 2016. 

It is filled with a number of different contemporary features, including high ceilings, open spaces, clean lines, and expansive windows installed in most, if not all of the rooms. 

Living room view of Lake Michigan

Looking out at Lake Michigan from the living room of the home. 

Windows With A Certain Look

Pella Sales Consultant, Bill McGavock, worked with DeLeers Construction and Mitch Wise on the project. He helped with the selection of the Pella Impervia® line that was chosen for the home. 

The fiberglass windows featured a rich black color and no interior casings were used. Both design elements fit with the contemporary theme of the home, consisting of very clean, sleek and simple lines. 

A bedroom featuring sleek window lines and a view of Lake Michigan.

A bedroom with sleek lines overlooking Lake Michigan. 

Windows With A Purpose

In addition to being selected for their contemporary look, windows from Pella were also selected because of their energy efficiency according to McGavock.

With the Impervia® windows, Pella's ENERGY STAR® rated double-pane windows were used. The insulating glass is filled with argon gas and has low-e coatings. This helps reflect indoor heat back into the home during winter and reflects outdoor heat away from the home during summer, something that is very adaptive to the ever changing Wisconsin climate. 

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More Stunning Views

Here are some additional project photos: 

Another view of the home at night.

Another view of the home at night. 

One of the home's dining areas.

A view of the home's dining area. 

Another view of the dining room.

Another view of the dining area. 

One of the home's bedrooms.

One of the home's bedrooms. 

A corner nook.

A corner nook. 

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