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Greg Hirsch


Greg has an accomplished twenty-five-year career in leading, growing, and scaling-up companies. Greg is a former executive at Daseke (North America's largest flatbed/specialized trucking company). Greg led Daseke's first operating company's scaling efforts; when he joined the operation, it was similar in revenue size to where Pella Dallas is today. That team then came together to double the revenue in just three years. He later joined the Daseke corporate team, where they grew the revenue to over $1.6B. Prior to Daseke, Greg was with Sysco North Texas as a highly decorated salesperson and sales executive. He is also a former Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Addison, TX (then the youngest council person ever elected). Greg originally came to the North Texas region to play football at the University of North Texas, where he earned bachelor's and master's degrees. Greg is a proud Eagle Scout and is still very active in scouting today. He has been married to Barbara for soon to be twenty years, and they have two teenagers Michael and Emma.