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Replacement Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung replacements combine classic style with practicality

A popular choice for replacement, single hung windows offer affordability and classic look. They can be lifted from the bottom for ventilation, making them practical and efficient.

Commonly known as: single sash windows, single hung sash windows

Replacement Single-hung Windows

pella replacement windows single-hung window

Single hung windows are comprised of two panels, or sashes, but only one of those panels is operable. These windows can be raised from the bottom for ventilation while the top sash remains stationary. The difference between a single hung and double hung window is the operation of the sash. With a single hung window, only the lower sash slides up and down, whereas with a double hung window, both sashes are operable.

Single hung windows are a classic operation found in many homes today, and will typically be one of the most affordable window styles. This window style is compatible with most home styles and available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Single-hung windows are sometimes preferred by owners of historic homes for an authentic look.

  • Economic price point
  • Classic look 
  • Compatible with most home styles
  • Popular choice
  • Easy operation
  • Lower maintenance option

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