Football Pride & Pella Windows | Building a Mini Lambeau Field Themed Home

Football Pride and Pella Windows | Building a Mini Lambeau Field Themed Home

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Mini football field themed home in Green Bay, WI featuring Pella Windows.

Robert and Patricia Endries, better known as Bob and Pat, raised their children to be fans of the Green Bay Packers. They’ve had season tickets for more than a half-century, and Bob was in the bleachers at Lambeau Field for the historic Ice Bowl.

“We went to many, many games and so did our children as they were growing up. There were plenty of good times, especially in the ‘60s,” he says.

An interior photo of the home, showcasing the expansive glass and views of Pella installed windows.

An interior photo of the home. 

Now the Endries are entering a new era as football fans with a new place to make memories filled with fun, family time, and football … all in the shadow of Lambeau Field.

If you drive along Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay, WI you’re bound to notice a new home on Shadow Lane that simultaneously stands out from surrounding homes while blending in with the Stadium District. This is the Packers-themed home that the Endries family built along with the experts at Keller, Inc.

Bob Endries says the idea came to him almost a year ago as his family gathered for the holiday season.

“Last Thanksgiving, we were sitting around watching football and I said, ‘You know, we should really consider buying a home across from Lambeau Field.’ Well, our daughter jumped on that and went straight to the internet. She said, “Dad, there’s one for sale right now!”

Endries called the realtor the next day, and a few weeks later, he struck a deal to buy the property. The plan was to tear down the existing residence and build a Packers-themed home you could only dream of. Bob and Pat started the process by calling on an old friend, Steve Klessig, the Vice President of Architecture and Engineering at Keller.

Countdown To Kickoff

A work in progress photo of the home.

A work in progress photo of the home provided by Keller, Inc. 

Klessig worked closely with Bob and Pat to help assist them in conceptualizing a home that would meet their needs and expectations. However, with the high hopes of opening the house for the start of the NFL season, time was tight. It was almost like beginning the game in the 4th quarter.

“Keller got involved because we needed to find a builder that could construct the home between April and the first Packers game, and I didn’t know of any other builder that could actually do that,” Klessig says. “Of course, Keller is my employer, so it was a nice fit.”

Klessig adds that the key to project management was using no more time than necessary during the early stages.

“We had to move the design and drawing plans forward at a breakneck pace, which puts pressure on our teammates including architects, engineers, detailers, and draftsmen,” he explains. “We pushed them very hard to save as much time as possible for the construction part of the project.”

An in progress photo of the homes front, featuring a Pella entryway door and window.

An in progress photo of the home's front, featuring a Pella entryway door and window.

Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin Trade Sales Manager, Bill Weber, recalls Keller’s Mark Nysted informing all of the suppliers they were there because the “A-Team” had been called in to help meet deadlines.

“They wanted everyone to be aware that the project was to be completed on a very strict timeline, because it needed to be done for the start of the Packers' season,” Weber recalls.

“For such a large project, I think everything ran very smoothly. There were weekly site meetings with email follow ups from Keller. I was very impressed.”

“Bob, Pat, Steve, and Keller’s interior designer, Rebekah Spidle, came to the Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin showroom in Green Bay, and we went through all of our different products and options so we could help them identify the look and feel they wanted to accomplish.”

A Legendary Look that Feels Like Home

A close up view of the column detailing of the home, which breaks of the Pella windows.

A close up view of the column detailing of the home, which is nicely completed by the Pella windows that were used. 

Bob and Pat Endries wanted the new home to mimic the appearance of Lambeau Field, which required incorporating some of the stadium’s most recognizable components.

“Lambeau Field is iconic,” Klessig says. “Everybody knows what it looks like. Everybody knows the color of the brick and has seen Vince Lombardi standing in front of the atrium.”

Klessig says there was a particular aspect he focused on when designing the home’s exterior.

A before and after photo that showcases the rhythm detailing of the home.

A before and after photo that showcases the rhythm detailing on the exterior of the home.  

“One of the principles of good design is rhythm,” he explains. “If you look at Lambeau, you see the rhythm of the masonry pilasters surrounding the stadium. If there’s one element of the stadium people recognize, it would be those pilasters. That was the first thing I wanted to incorporate into framing the Lombardi side of the home.”

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this project is how it seamlessly blends residential and commercial features. While the intent was to create a miniature Lambeau Field, Klessig still wanted the home’s façade to complement the surrounding neighborhood.

“What we did is we created a very residential appearance on the Shadow Lane side, and as you move toward Lombardi Avenue, the house transforms itself and moves to a more commercial look,” he says.

A before and after photo that showcases the rhythm detailing on the interior of the home.

A before and after photo that showcases the rhythm detailing on the interior of the home.  

A similar combined approach was used to create the inside of the home.

“It needed to feel homey, yet large enough to be used for something like a fundraiser or other events,” says Klessig.

Another recognizable aspect of Lambeau Field’s design is the expansive use of windows. Klessig says that’s where Keller relied on Pella’s products.

“We knew the south-facing glass was going to be important,” he says. “We used it to frame the view of Lambeau, and we knew there was going to be significant heat. We needed to be able to provide adequate shade.”

The Endries’ Packers home features Pella Designer Series® windows, which Weber says came with some beneficial features. Because the great room (sometimes referred to as “the atrium”) has 20-foot high ceilings, the owners needed a convenient solution.

“They really liked the idea of our between-the-glass blinds, because they needed them for light control and privacy,” Weber says.

Since the blinds are in between the glass, they are low  maintenance. Blinds inside windows above a reachable level are also equipped with Pella’s Insynctive technology, so they can be opened and closed by remote control.

Exterior trim on the Pella windows and doors in this home also contribute to its Lambeau-like appearance.

“They wanted the exterior window trim to match the green color of Lambeau,” says Weber. “Fortunately, one of our standard offerings in the Designer Series® matches very well.”

A House With A Purpose

A view of the home from Shadow Lane that has Pella windows installed.

The front of the home facing Shadow Lane. 

Most of the other Packers-themed houses surrounding the stadium are meant for parties and generating a profit, but the Endries have bigger plans for their home. While it will primarily be a place for family and friends to gather on game days, Bob and Pat realize it can be put to good use at other times. They have been speaking with local non-profit organizations including Rawhide Boys Ranch and the Green Bay Catholic Diocese about using the residence to entertain donors.

Bob and Pat Endries.

             Homeowners Bob and Pat Endries. 

Anyone who knows Bob and Pat Endries will not be surprised. A dedication to philanthropy is part of who they are. Now retired, they’ve owned successful local businesses and supported area charities over the years through grants provided by the Endries Family Foundation and many private donations.

“We’re looking forward to enjoying time there ourselves and with family on game days,” he says. “But, there could be a game when we’d be open to a non-profit organization and make them part of our family for the day.”

It’s working with generous, kindhearted people like Bob and Pat Endries that the Pella team found most enjoyable about this project. Steve Klessig echoes that sentiment.

“I was honored and humbled that the Endries selected me as the architect, they could have picked many people.” Klessig says the biggest reward was helping his friends through the process of building a home they’ll enjoy for years to come. But, he’s also been a bit surprised at the attention the project received.

“It was satisfying to work on a project in such a visible place next to an iconic building,” Klessig says. “I didn’t realize the exposure would be so significant. When you get to a certain point in your career, you don’t do things for exposure. You do things for quality and to satisfy your client, but it’s still nice to be recognized for your work.”

Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin is proud to recognize the work of people like Steve Klessig and builders like Keller, Inc. If you have questions about working with us or want to know more about our products, contact us today.

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