Project Profile: Modern Farmhouse from Roc Building Solutions

Project Profile: Modern Farmhouse from Roc Building Solutions

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Roc Building Solutions Build In Lawrence, WI using Pella windows.

Roc Building Solutions Build In Lawrence, WI.

When people in the Green Bay area want to build a new home that breaks the mold of common “cookie cutter houses,” they can turn to Roc Building Solutions in De Pere, a valued customer of Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin. The husband and wife team of Andy and Nicole Selner create homes with character and infuse spaces with original ideas. 

Nicole and Andy Selner from Roc Building Solutions.

Nicole and Andy Selner.

An excellent example of their work is a home recently featured in the Brown County Home Builders Association’s 2017 Spring Showcase of Homes

Roc Building Solutions usually works directly with clients looking to build, but model homes such as this provide an opportunity to demonstrate what Andy and Nicole can accomplish when they’re free to let their imaginations run the show.

We spoke with Nicole about the process behind building and designing this residence.

“Model homes give us a creative outlet to try new concepts and develop new styles,” Nicole Selner explains. “It’s really a kind of playground for us that helps generate ideas for people going through the home building process.”

Andy is a home builder with 15 years of residential construction project management experience, and Nicole brings a passion for interior design and functional living spaces. She calls this particular residence a modern family farmhouse.

“The modern farmhouse style is becoming really popular,” she says. “You go through phases and, as of late, craftsman style has been trendy. Now, you’re starting to see people want a simpler look-and-feel on the exterior, but still amp up the interior style with things like black window frames.”

Style That Stands Out

Living Area of Roc Building Solution's Model Home with Pella installed windows.

Living Area of Roc Building Solution’s Model Home.

Roc Building Solutions chose to use Pella’s Impervia® line of windows, which features durable fiberglass frames with a powder-coat finish, giving windows the look of painted wood. Impervia windows are available in a variety of interior and exterior finish colors. For this home, black made the most sense, inside and out.

“It created a nice contrast, and working with black on the interior gives you a classic color that won’t go out of style,” says Nicole. “We always take into consideration the fact that trends are going to come and go, but we also want to incorporate concepts that will stand the test of time.”

Bill Weber is Roc’s sales representative at Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin. He adds that, with Impervia©, homeowners and designers can use different colors on the exterior and interior of the window to achieve the specific look they want without that much effort. 

“What’s nice is you can have that combination,” says Weber about what Nicole and Andy decided to do within the home. “Some homeowners like black on the exterior and white on the interior. Or, they may have certain areas of the home with black framework, but they want a bright white for other areas, such as bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be the same throughout the house.” 

Roc Building in Lawrence, WI featuring a Pella Designer Series Patio Door.

Kitchen Featuring the Designer Series Patio Door.

The showcase home also features another Pella product in the Designer Series® patio door that was installed in the kitchen. They made the decision to stain it to match the black windows that are found in other areas of the home. By staining the patio door, it allows the home to have a very consistent look. 

“It’s a great example of how we can mix and match Pella product lines to meet the requirements of a project,” Weber says. “The Designer Series patio door includes our convenient between-the-glass blinds as well.”

Other Unique Home Components 

Kitchen With Rustic Brick Backsplash - Roc Building Solutions and Pella Windows

Kitchen With Rustic Brick Backsplash.

Among other features that is one of Nicole’s favorites in the home is the fireplace. It’s surrounded by a unique tile that has a concrete appearance. She also points out the rustic, brick backsplash in the kitchen (shown above). This backsplash stretches behind the sink and a see-through corner cabinet up to the ceiling.

A little bit of history is also incorporated by the Selners into this home as well. This is seen with a black rail that is installed in the home office designed to be used for hanging pictures and house plants. That’s a bit of a throwback to how people from the Victorian era often hung portraits and paintings. Nicole enjoys the details that make homes like this one-of-a-kind.

Hanging Rail For Pictures and Pella Window.

Hanging Rail For Pictures.

“It was a lot of fun being able to blend some earthy elements in the house along with more contemporary finishes as well,” she says, adding that the creative process and collaboration continue long after a floorplan is finalized.

“We’ll often start with a certain component we want to incorporate, and then we’ll figure out how to balance that component in another area of the house so that everything is cohesive and has a really nice flow,” Nicole explains. “Once we’re in a space, and we figure out our inspiration and direction, the next step is making it happen and bringing those ideas to life. That’s where Andy really excels.”

Finding the Right Fit

Angled Photo of the Lawrence Build in Lawrence, WI and Pella Windows.

Angled Photo of the Build in Lawrence, WI. 

The Selners tend to seek clients who share their passion for attention to detail but are down-to-earth and flexible as well.

“First, we sit down and determine if there’s a synergy between us and a potential client,” Nicole says. “Building a new home is a large project, and this is an important relationship on both sides. There are so many moving components when you’re building a house, we all need to work together.”

That includes working with suppliers like Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin. Weber has noticed how Roc Building Solutions gathers its vendors together to ensure the homebuilding process is organized and streamlined from start to finish. Plus, he also appreciates the unique projects they choose to work on.

“Nicole and Andy are always hunting for and exploring new trends to stay on the cutting edge of home design,” Weber says. “They take those ideas and make them their own. So, it’s something you won’t find anywhere else.”

Roc Building Solutions echoes a respect and appreciation concerning its experience with Pella.

“We strive to incorporate quality products in our homes,” says Nicole. “We love the way Pella windows perform, and we appreciate the service we’ve received from Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin as well as the reputation of the brand.”

If you’re interested in working with Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin on your next project, contact us today to find out more.

The modern farmhouse model home featured in this project profile recently found owners. But, you can see more of the inside of this home and photos of other projects when you visit Roc Building Solution’s Houzz profile or their website. Photos provided in this post were done by Green Bay Home Tours.

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