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Champaign Double-Hung Windows

Add Delightful Double-Hung Windows to Your Champaign Home

Champaign, Illinois is unique in that many of its historic homes like the Ahrens House and Harwood-Solon House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While Champaign celebrates and preserves these historic homes, it doesn’t mean contemporary-style homes are         not prevalent here. Travel through the city and you’ll see a mixture of traditional and modern homes on every street.    

A design feature you’ll notice for both types of homes is double-hung windows. This window type features a versatile design which means it can effortlessly blend with a traditional home’s historic aesthetic or add a modern touch to a contemporary home. Double-hung windows are effective at cross-ventilation, with two ways to open the window. Unlike single-hung windows that only open one way, double-hung windows open at both the top and bottom sash. Discover more about double-hung windows and why it’s a number one choice for Champaign homeowners.  

Commonly known as: double sash windows, sash windows, double-hung sash windows

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Throughout Northern Virginia, history is juxtaposed with modernity. The traditional structures of Alexandria and Fairfax co-exist with the contemporary new builds of Arlington, Falls Church and McLean. Despite the variety, versatile double-hung windows can be adapted to suit them all.

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations*

Transform your double-hung windows when you add unique customizations. Popular Champaign personalizations include traditional grille patterns and classic hardware finishes. 

Grilles and Blinds

  • Traditional Grille Pattern
  • Custom Grille Pattern
  • Victorian Grille Pattern
  • Between-the-Glass Blinds


  • Classic Collection
  • Essential Collection

*Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

Champaign Climate Recommendations

Champaign and the surrounding areas of Urbana and Staley experience all four seasons in a year. This means your home needs to adapt to fluctuating temperatures. During the winter Champaign can average as cold as 19 degrees and in the summer, the average temperature is 86 degrees or higher. No matter the weather, Pella windows are designed to protect your home from different climate conditions.

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Fluctuating Temperatures

Prepare for bitterly cold winters and semi-humid summers with Pella®? Impervia®?. This strong fiberglass, for both windows and patio doors, is durable enough to withstand extreme heat and subzero cold.

Winter Weather Icon

Winter Weather

Frequent storms during the winter bring frozen precipitation. Protect your home from the elements with Pella windows.

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Fiberglass Windows

For good insulation and protection from drafts and leaks, choose fiberglass windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   How can I save money when replacing windows?
    • If you're wondering whether replacement windows are worthwhile, consider all the ways they can save you money. Benefits from tax credits and rebates, energy savings, improving the resale value of your home, less time and money spent on maintenance and convenient cleaning are among the chief reasons to replace your windows. Learn more.

  •   What are the benefits of replacing my windows?
    • Energy efficiency, reduced noise and curb appeal are chief among the key benefits of replacing your windows. Learn more about how replacement windows can represent an investment in your home.

  •   How do I open the lower and/or upper sash of my vinyl double-hung window?
    • To open the lower sash on your double- or single-hung window, unlock the sash and push it up.

      To open the upper sash on your double hung window, you will first need to unlock the lower sash. Then, pull down on the top of the upper sash to lower it. The upper sash on a single hung window does not open or close.

      If the window becomes difficult to raise or lower, remove any deposits - such as grease, oil or stains - that may have come in contact with the weatherstrip, apply a small amount of concentrated fabric cleaner or carpet cleaner - such as Spray-n-Wash®, OxiClean® Fabric Cleaner or Resolve® Carpet Cleaner - to the weatherstrip. Scrub the cleaner into the weatherstrip with a toothbrush or similar applicator. Continue applying cleaner until the deposits are no longer visible. Rinse the weatherstrip with clean water, and dry with a paper towel. Pella also recommends using a dry silicone spray or a thin layer of paraffin wax such as Teflon Dry Lubricant or Gulf Wax.  Do not use oily lubricants; they attract dust and grime, which will eventually restrict the window's movement. Once you have cleaned the weatherstrip, check to make sure weatherstrip is aligned properly on the sides (or jambs) of the window. 

      To check weatherstrip alignment, tilt the sash toward you and firmly press on the weatherstrip until it is properly seated in the frame on both sides of the window. Then, tilt the window into its normal operating position and check for proper window operation.

  •   What are some popular product options for window replacement?
    • Popular styles include double-hung and casement windows along with sliding glass patio doors. Our local experts assist homeowners in exploring replacement options commonly recommended for windows, entry and patio doors in your area. We can help determine which product is best for each home and budget.

  •   What window materials and features are best suited for this region's climate?
    • All of our window materials (vinyl, wood, and fiberglass) can withstand our climate! Having beautiful, long-lasting windows comes down to proper installation and regular maintenance.

      Each of our windows and doors offers favorable features. Aluminum clad offers turtle-shell-type protection on the exterior of the unit so you can enjoy the beauty of the wood on the interior. Our vinyl and fiberglass are good for those seeking a more maintenance-free option. Additionally, our blinds-between-the-glass help with seasonal allergens in our climate.

Double-Hung Window Projects

Explore other projects to see how homeowners are customizing their double-hung windows to match their home design.

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