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Dayton French Patio Doors

French Doors Bring a Classic Look and Functionality to the Patio

French doors have been featured in homes for centuries. They were a favorite in Colonial, Tudor and Victorian houses — styles dotting Dayton’s many historic neighborhoods. Placed on the patio, French doors combine traditional style and modern convenience to connect your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

French patio doors swing open on hinges, much like an entry door. For that reason, they’re commonly referred to as hinged patio doors. This classic functionality opens up design options on the patio. In the tighter spaces of a traditional home, you can use a single narrow French door. When you have more wall space, double French doors can create a wide patio opening and give you the option to leave one door fixed.

Commonly known as: exterior french door, hinged patio door, swinging patio door, garden door

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Victorian Style

French doors accentuate the exquisite detail of the Victorian houses found in the Dayton View Historic District. Another favorite of the early 20th century, Victorian design featured ornate decor, especially on trim and other wood finishes. French patio doors with grids have the architectural detail to match the regal look of Victorian-style houses.

Screen* Doors for French Doors

Patio screen doors are standard on sliding glass doors. They’re also a popular addition to hinged patio doors. Screens1 on French patio doors allow you to open your home to the fresh air while helping to keep the insects out. They swing outward and must be paired with inswing French doors.

Craftsman Style

The grand homes in Grafton Hill contain many architectural styles popular in the early 20th century. It was one of the first neighborhoods in Dayton to feature Craftsman-style homes. Craftsman houses brought more modern influences but still featured finely-crafted woodwork and natural finishes, like on exterior French doors.

Double French Doors

Double French patio doors provide more design flexibility. Both doors can open up, either on an inswing or outswing, to give you a greater connection to your patio. Or you can leave one door fixed to create a smaller entrance while still having the stylistic impact of double hinged patio doors. Surrounding your double French doors with sidelights and transoms with grilles creates a decorative patio entrance worthy of a historic Victorian house.

*Warning: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

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Dayton Climate Recommendations

Low-E Protection

Get year-round protection with Low-E insulating glass. The added protection helps provide balanced insulation from the cool winters and muggy summers in Dayton.

Glass Glazing

Glazing on your patio door glass panels can help seal out the weather — including those bitter cold temps — and help you maintain a comfortable home climate.

Durable Materials

Dayton weather brings heat, humidity and wind chills. Wood with exterior aluminum cladding can stand up to all seasons and continue to perform in the region’s climate.

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