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Eastern Shore Double-Hung Windows

Versatile Double-Hung Windows Welcome Coastal Breezes Into Eastern Shore Homes

Along Delaware’s Eastern Shore, you’ll find a mix of beautiful historic homes and equally stunning new constructions. Some of these new homes were designed to look historic, while others embrace a contemporary style. From traditional Craftsmans in Milton and modern ranches in Lewes, to recently renovated waterfront Cape Cods in Rehoboth Beach and ultra-contemporary Shingle-styles in South Bethany — this architectural variety is no match for the adaptability and timelessness of double-hung windows.

Also known as sash windows, double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that slide vertically within the frame, so you can open the top or bottom sash for enhanced ventilation. Beyond the additional airflow, their ease-of-operation and timeless look make double-hung windows a popular pick among Eastern Shore homeowners.

Commonly known as: sash windows, hung sash windows

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Historic Style

If you’re worried that a window replacement project might jeopardize the integrity of your historic Eastern Shore home, we’re here to reassure you that’s not the case with Pella. We have double-hung window designs that are true to traditional styles and materials, they meet historic ordinances and can be further enhanced with features that help preserve your home’s authenticity.

Unique Grille Patterns

Grilles are an important stylistic component of your windows, and ultimately, your home — they can reinforce its historic integrity or enhance its contemporary feel. Eastern Shore residents prefer to achieve their style goals with unique choices, opting for Cross, Special and Top Row patterns in favor of Traditional.

Modern Customizations

As the influence of contemporary architecture continues to sweep up and down the Eastern Shore, so do window customizations that reinforce this style. Think: sleek black finishes, matte black hardware and minimalist grille patterns that still provide the look of individual window panes, but in a modern way.

Fiberglass Windows

Because highly durable, energy-efficient fiberglass holds its own exceptionally well against the Eastern Shore’s salty coastal air and sometimes-turbulent weather, it’s a smart choice for residents looking to replace their windows. With fiberglass double-hung windows, you can feel assured that your home is getting a boost in style and performance.

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Eastern Shore Climate Recommendations

Salty Air

In coastal areas like the Eastern Shore, windows are more vulnerable to corrosion from the salt in the air. With durable materials like fiberglass or vinyl, your double-hung windows can better maintain their integrity.

Low-E Protection

Keep warm in the winter by helping to reduce the heat loss from your home. Windows with Low-E glass panes may help keep your home insulated, blocking out the cold and helping keep the heat in.

Durable Materials

Seasonal temperature fluctuations mean Eastern Shore homes experience it all — from warm, humid summers to chilly winters. Wood with exterior aluminum cladding is a resistant material that can stand up to the extremes in any season.

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