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Knoxville Bifold Patio Doors

Connect Your Home to the Outdoors with Bifold Doors

Knoxville has the nation’s largest concentration of Victorian-style homes and has many homes listed on the national register of historic places. Fort Sanders, one of the oldest residential areas in Knoxville, has many admirably renovated historic homes intermixed with newer Victorian-, Bungalow-, and Craftsman-style homes.

Bifold patio doors match your home’s classic charm while giving you a more functional, open living space. With bifold doors, two or more glass door panels are hinged together and open up like an accordion to turn a glass wall into a wide entrance that seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

Commonly known as: exterior bifold doors, folding patio doors, concertina doors, accordion doors, bifold patio doors

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Multi-Panel Bifold Patio Doors

Knoxville is home to such an eclectic mix of architectural styles that homeowners covet the chance to stand apart from the crowd. To that end, bifold patio doors can be customized with up to 10 panels, depending on the needs and size of your space. You can also decide how you want the doors to function, either as folding door panels that travel to one side or part in the middle.

Wooden Patio Doors

Wood is the material of choice for patio doors in Eastern Tennessee because it blends just as easily into the fabric of historic homes as it does more modern styles. With the addition of grilles, wooden bifold patio doors can look like classic double French doors. For a more modern look, go with minimalist wood frames and clean, undivided glass panels.

Victorian Style

Fort Sanders is the oldest neighborhood in Knoxville, developed in the late-1800s. Some of the most notable homes are Victorians — a popular style throughout the whole city. Accordion-style patio doors with Victorian-style grilles can create a glass wall that matches your home’s classic charm while giving you a more functional, open living space.

Integral Light Technology® Grilles

Enhance the architectural style of your home with bifold patio doors that incorporate grilles. Grilles provide the appearance of individual window panes, but Knoxville homeowners can take it a step further with Integral Light Technology® square profile grilles. These are permanently bonded to the inside and outside of the glass, offering an even more authentic look.

Product Lines

Eastern Tennessee Climate Recommendations

Low-E Protection

Get year-round protection with Low-E insulating glass. The added protection helps provide balanced insulation from hot summers and moderate winters.

Durable Materials

Ensure your home’s wooden bifold doors are prepared for the seasons. Wood patio doors with exterior aluminum cladding can help protect your home from the elements.

Glass Glazing

Glazing on your patio door glass panels can help seal out the weather—including those harsh temperatures—and help you maintain a cool and comfortable home climate.

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