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Windows & Doors for Your Houston Rambler Ranch

Posted on October 25, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Houston

ranch style home with dormer windows and accents

Ranch-style homes can be found in abundance across Houston and the surrounding suburbs. Also known as rambler ranch or an American ranch, this style of home was made popular in the Southwest United States. In the 1940’s Houston saw a big boost in Mid Century Modern ranch homes. Ranches are known for having an open interior layout inside of their single-story. Many ranches around Houston have brick exteriors and gable roofs.

There are a few architectural elements in addition to being a one-story home that set these houses apart. Long lines with large windows are popular in addition to the dependence on natural light. Read on to learn more about new or replacement windows and doors perfect for a rambler ranch.

fixed window with grilles paired with casement windows

Window Options Fit for Ranch-Style Homes

There are many choices when it comes to windows for your ranch-style home. Since ranch homes tend to have an open floor plan, it’s important to consider how to maximize natural light across the home. For starters, fixed or picture windows can be found in many rambler ranches. Fixed windows are large and expansive with clean lines. Traditionally ranches will have at least one large picture window in the living room or dining room. 

Since fixed windows don’t allow for any airflow, many homeowners pair another type of window with large picture windows. Casement windows are a great option for pairing near or alongside a picture window. Casement windows are hinged at either the right or left side and open with an easy-to-operate crank. These windows allow homeowners to direct airflow into their homes and take advantage of a natural breeze.

Lastly, awning windows are a good choice for nearly any Houston Rambler. Awning windows swing out and are hinged at the top. They are a good choice for a small accent either above or below another window. One of the best parts about awning windows is that since they are angled, they can prevent rain from entering the home during a summer shower. 

There are a few types of windows that are not traditional to the Rambler Ranch style. To stay true to the ranch-style, avoid bay or bow windows, shaped windows, decorative glass and double- or single-hung windows. While these windows are great, they are typically associated with other architectural styles such as Victorian, Cape Cod and Tudor.

wooden entry door prairie style

Exceptional Entry & Patio Doors

When rambler ranches were first built across Houston, it was very common to choose a simple hollow-core door. These entry doors were very plain and did not have much curb appeal. Updating an entry door for this style of home is easy. Many homeowners opt for a solid wood door with sidelights or glass panels directly in the door. Craftsman or Prairie-style grilles are a good option for staying true to the Mid Century Modern characteristics.

Wood patio doors are a great choice to blend naturally with the traditional characteristics of Mid Century style. Large sliding glass doors can work with windows to add natural light to a house while creating a focal point. A multi-slide patio door is a great option for creating an indoor-outdoor connection and accentuating an already open floor plan.

Pella Windows & Doors of Houston is staffed with many professionals who make it their priority to work with homeowners to ensure they get the right windows and doors for their homes. Stop by a showroom or call today to speak to a Houston local about windows and doors.

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