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Caring For Your Home's Exterior Doors

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Memphis

on August 31, 2021

Double door front entrance of home

When you purchase your home, you put a lot of thought into the perfect front door. One of the quickest ways to increase curb appeal is by having an exquisite front door. A beautiful door also helps increase your home's value.

Your exterior doors reflect your architectural style and give your guests the first impression of your home. It is vital that you protect the investment of your exterior doors by making sure you clean them properly. At Pella Windows & Doors of Memphis, we have an experienced staff and that can help you with advice on proper care, maintenance or replacement of your exterior doors. 

Most exterior doors use three primary materials: wood, fiberglass and wrought iron. The varied materials have their own set of guidelines for keeping them clean and preserving your investment. When it comes to cleaning your exterior doors feel free to use the following guidelines when caring for your doors. It is important to note that many think just power washing a door is the easiest solution. The high-pressure water can damage the door and the surrounding area. Please leave power washing for sidewalks and driveways.

Here are a few tips on cleaning and maintaining your exterior doors. 

Wooden Doors

The most popular choice for homeowners is a wooden door. Doors made from wood can have intricate carvings and can be made from many types of wood. You can opt for traditional mahogany and oak, or something more rustic but charming with pine and alder. Wood also complements several styles of architecture. Wood also offers durability, making it a top choice for home protection as well. Basic cleaning of your stained wood front door includes: 

Brush the surface with a dust brush or dry rag. 

  • If the door is stained, use a wood polish to enhance the wood's natural glow. By doing this, you will ensure a gorgeous shine.  
  • You can use a glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water to clean glass but be careful not to drip on the door finish. 
  • Clean the locks and handles with a simple solution of warm water mixed with a small amount of a soap solution. 

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are also extremely popular in the world of door sales. Unlike wood doors, you do not have to worry about wood warping or cracking. You can still purchase fiberglass in beautiful styles, and they also are perfect for added safety and perform well even in extreme temperatures. These doors provide a classic, high-end look with durability, security and energy efficiency. 

Like any other exterior door, your fiberglass doors encounter the outside elements and require cleaning constantly. Luckily, the fiberglass exterior doors are easiest to clean. You can merely use a mild soap mixed with warm water to clean the door? Yet do not forget to clean the hardware and replace hinges and weatherstripping when they become worn out. 

Wrought Iron

There is just something so grand about wrought iron doors. These doors exude old-world charm and romance. You can choose simple designs or an abundance of intricate scrolls.  

Since wrought iron has little carbon content, it can be vulnerable to rusting if the paint is not protected or preserved. But taking the proper steps to care for your wrought iron door, you will be guaranteed many years of beauty and durability. 

Caring for your wrought iron doors should be done on a monthly routine. Follow these simple steps for the best way to keep your iron doors clean: 

  • Combine a teaspoon of any vegetable-based soap (such as Castile soap) with water. 
  • With the solution, use a low-lint cloth to gently wipe the dirt and other contaminants from the door, working top to bottom. 
  • Wipe off any residue using a damp cloth. 
  • Gently dry with another low-lint cloth to prevent water spots. 

Be sure to consistently inspect your iron door for chips or scratches in the paint, and once you notice them be sure to touch them up at once. This makes sure that the base metal remains protected from elements. 

At Pella Windows & Doors of Memphis, TN, we are proud to provide the Mid-South with a stunning selection of windows and doors. We consider ourselves experts on anything pertaining to windows and doors, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. If you have decided it is time to replace your exterior doors, we would be delighted to help. Call us today at (901) 316-0166 to tour our showroom or schedule an in- home or online consultation

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