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How to Choose the Best Front Door Color

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Memphis

on November 3, 2023

Imagine that you are driving through the stunning Hedgemoor Estates neighborhood, located just off Walnut Grove near Goodlett. Suddenly, you spot a house that takes your breath away. Everything about it is immaculate, from the intricate window details to the flawless landscaping and the stunning front door. This is called curb appeal, and Pella Windows and Doors of Germantown can help you achieve it! We recognize that your home is a reflection of your unique style and personality, and one of the most impactful ways to make a statement is by changing the color of your front door.  

Memphis, a city with distinct neighborhoods and vibrant personalities, offers endless opportunities to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Whether you reside in the historic charm and eclectic vibe of Midtown, the picturesque elegance of East Memphis, or the outskirts of Memphis in Arlington, Millington Lakeland, or Collierville, with some houses standing as literal farmhouses, Memphis is known for its diversity, southern hospitality, culture and artful inspiration around every corner throughout the entire city even displayed in the front doors of its homes.

The color of your front door plays a crucial role in enhancing your home's curb appeal. It adds a touch of design and aesthetic interest to your home's exterior, making it more visually appealing to passersby. A well-chosen front door color can make your home stand out and reflect your unique personal style. Whether you prefer bold and bright colors or classic and subtle ones, there is always a wide range of trendy front door colors to choose from. So, explore the latest color trends and give your front door a beautiful makeover that will impress everyone who walks by. 

Should You Replace the Front Door or Paint It?

If you're considering upgrading your front door, you may be wondering whether it's better to paint it or replace it entirely. Opting for a new front door gives you the opportunity to completely change the look of your entryway. You can choose a unique panel style, such as ultra-modern or craftsman-style, and select from a wide range of colors and design elements offered by Pella. Generally, replacing your front door is a better option than repainting it, as it allows you to give your home's exterior a complete makeover. However, if you do choose to repaint your door, we recommend using a high-quality oil-based or 100% acrylic water-based latex paint. Also, make sure to read your front door's warranty to ensure that painting it won't void the warranty. 

Trending Front Door Color Options

Eye-Catching Teal Front Doors

A teal front door is a great way to add a bold, eye-catching color to your home's entrance. This color works best when paired with a white or light grey house, making it the main focal point of the exterior. A teal front door can be a playful design element that adds a unique touch to your home. You will find many teal doors in the High Point Terrace neighborhood. These mid-century homes have been updated, and the teal looks marvelous against the backdrop of these homes. 

Traditional Navy-Blue Front Door

Navy blue front doors offer a sophisticated touch to any home's entryway. This classic color blends seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary architecture and serves as an excellent contrast to lighter-colored homes. Opting for a navy-blue front door adds character and charm to your home's entrance. You’ll often encounter navy doors in East Memphis neighborhoods as they are usually known to be well-manicured areas, so the navy door blends seamlessly and adds a touch of elegance. 

Fresh White Front Doors

White front doors are a timeless and elegant option for your home. Regardless of your home's exterior color, a white door is an excellent choice. You can pair a white door with a white exterior for a modern farmhouse feel or contrast it with a darker color for a bolder look. You may also consider adding features such as grille patterns or decorative glass options to enhance the design. White doors are on trend in many new builds popping up in Collierville, Lakeland, Millington, and Arlington, providing a fresh and inviting look, especially on starlit nights when you may want to sit outside on your front porch and gaze at the stars. 

Quintessential Gray Front Doors

Choosing a gray door is an excellent option for various home styles. Depending on the style of the door panel you select, a gray front door can complement any home style, be it brick, wood, or stone. This neutral color option will match well with various siding colors and other home decor elements. If you prefer contrast, consider pairing a gray front door with a dark exterior color. This door color would look great in nearly every neighborhood in Memphis, but especially in south Memphis,  where many of the homes are made of stone, blending beautifully with the stone exteriors.

Add a Bold Color with Red Front Doors

Your home's front door is the first thing people see, and a red front door can make a bold statement. Bright red is a great color choice to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you prefer something more subtle, a muted shade of red can give you just the right amount of color. Farmhouse homes often feature red front doors, which pair perfectly with white or neutral-colored exteriors. If you like to decorate using Feng Shu, red doors are probably the most popular color, representing good luck, protection, and fire energy. Many eclectic homes in Cooper-Young or on Riverside Drive in Downtown Memphis are partial to red doors. Overall, a red front door is a great way to add character to your home! 

Stained Wood Front Doors

Stained wood front doors showcase the natural beauty of the wood and are a defining characteristic of craftsman and traditional home designs. Available in a variety of shades that can perfectly complement your home, stained wood front doors can add interest to your entryway. For example, you can pair a stained wood front door with a brick or stone exterior to create a unique contrast and attractive design that works in nearly any neighborhood in Memphis.  

Front Doors Near Me

Looking for a front door that matches your home's style? Look no further than Pella. We offer various color options for our front doors to help you achieve your design goals. Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams Design House of Performance Coatings has allowed us to create front door colors that will liven up any entrance. If you're in the market for a new front door, consider contacting Pella Windows and Doors of Germantown. You can schedule a consultation by calling (901) 316-0166, booking online at pellabranch.com, or by dropping by our showroom at 3092 Village Shops Drive, Suite 16, Germantown, Tennessee. We would love to help you enhance your home's curb appeal with a new front door. 

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