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Old Aluminum Windows vs. Pella 250 Series Vinyl Windows

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Memphis

on October 28, 2020

Vinyl double hung windows

Your home is your castle. We’ve all heard that a million times. So, doesn’t it make sense to make sure that the castle isn’t drafty and more energy efficient? Pella Windows and Doors of Memphis can help ensure your home is more energy-efficient. 

Classic black aluminum windows were an upgrade from wood, single-pane windows that could hold moisture. Technology and engineering have changed the way windows are made and vinyl provides you with myriad reasons to make the upgrade. Durability, maintenance, insulation and sound reduction are factors to consider when making the switch.

Disadvantages of Standard, Black Aluminum Windows

  • Single pane, aluminum windows allow for drafts easier than vinyl windows. 
  • Aluminum windows do not come in as many finishes as vinyl windows. 
  • Aluminum frames are more dent, scratch, corrosion and fading prone. 
  • Aluminum shows fatigue more quickly than vinyl. 
  • Aluminum frames are prone to condensation and must be cleaned and dried more often than vinyl. 
  • Aluminum windows are not as energy efficient as vinyl because they conduct heat and cold.

Advantages of Pella 250 Series Vinyl Windows

  • Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance. 
  • Pella 250 Series vinyl windows may increase your home’s value.*  
  • Vinyl windows are more energy efficient because they minimize heat transfer. 
  • Pella 250 Series windows provide a sound barrier. 
  • Vinyl never requires painting. 
  • Pella 250 Series Vinyl windows are resistant to scratching, marring and cracking. 
  • Vinyl frames have a more traditional appearance and are available in a variety of finishes, some even look like wood. 
  • Vinyl is resistant to warping and twisting.
  • Pella 250 Series window frames are 52% stronger than ordinary vinyl.**

Call Pella Windows and Doors of Memphis today at (901) 316-0166 to schedule a consultation with a Pella professional. Ask about our Pella Care Guarantee.  

*According to the National Association of Realtors 2016 cost vs value report.

**Based on the force required to bend a window frame profile.

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