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The 10 Steps for Custom Windows and Doors

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Memphis

on November 8, 2023

Custom-made windows and doors can create a noticeable difference in the appearance of your home. For those who are in the market for custom-built windows and doors, we suggest driving through neighborhoods such as High Point Terrace for inspiration. Each home looks unique rather than cookie-cutter. The contractors building new homes in Millington, Arlington, and Collierville are also using Pella Windows and Doors, knowing that they are getting high-quality and distinctive windows. If you prefer a home that looks one-of-a-kind instead of looking exactly like your neighbors, then you'll love how Pella creates tailor-made windows and doors specifically for your home.

Have you ever wondered what makes Pella Windows so unique? The answer is simple - our windows and doors are custom-built for each individual home or commercial property. You aren’t just picking a stock item off a shelf when you select a Pella product. Most items are custom-made to fit your home’s exact specifications. The windows and doors are tailored to your distinct requirements, including precise measurements, your preferred style, hardware choices, color, and much more. Here is a brief overview of how a custom window is created at Pella Windows and Doors.

Step One: Selecting Raw Wood

At Pella, we take pride in using high-quality wood to build our products. Our primary wood species are Ponderosa and Sugar Pine, known for their durability and ease of workmanship. In addition, we offer a variety of other woods, including Mahogany, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak, and Douglas Fir, to cater to your individual preferences. We understand that each home is unique, and that's why we offer a wide variety of wood options. We want you to be free to express your style through your design choices. The wood you choose adds character to your home and reflects your personality. In Collierville, many new builds are using mahogany wood as it gives a polished look. White Oak stands as a popular wood choice for Memphis homes, as it elegantly complements various materials and seamlessly enhances the aesthetics of nearly any home.

Step Two: Making the First Cuts

Our chop saw operators carefully inspect each piece of wood to ensure that only the best material is being used. It is not uncommon for each individual operating this saw to make 250,000 cutting decisions every day!

Step Three: Assembling the Window Frame

Our team of skilled carpenters understands the importance of precision in creating our high-quality windows. To achieve this, they meticulously gather exact measurements of each window frame, leaving no room for error. This results in perfectly fitting windows that meet our rigorous standards of performance and aesthetics.

Step Four: Installing the Glass

Our team takes great care to ensure that the glass is installed with precision, resulting in a seamless fit that enhances the overall appearance of your windows. Pella window glass is equipped with cutting-edge technology such as argon gas insulation and multiple layers of coating that not only guarantee optimum energy efficiency but also provide protection against fading of window treatments and other textiles. Living in Memphis, where summers are long and humid, energy-efficient windows are crucial. They can help you save money on utilities while keeping your home comfortable. You can trust us to install high-quality glass that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well.

Step Five: Applying Grilles

Pella's simulated-divided-light grilles are a superb option for those who desire the aesthetic appeal of individual panes. Our craftsmen are highly skilled in cutting and hand-applying a vast range of profile options to achieve a beautiful, unique look for your windows. Each profile is cut individually and painstakingly applied by our most experienced craftsmen to ensure the highest level of quality. On average, our wood craftsmen have honed their skills for over 14 years, a testament to their expertise and dedication to their craft.

Step Six: Inserting the Window Sash

Crafting a flawless window is a challenging task requiring exacting attention to detail. Pella's designs undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the sash and frame come together seamlessly, providing smooth and effortless operation.

Step Seven: Add Jamb Extensions

Our expertly crafted jamb extensions are tailored to fit your window's opening precisely, providing a seamless integration with your home's interior. These extensions are meticulously applied in our state-of-the-art factory, utilizing the industry's highest-quality paints and stains to ensure a stunning and long-lasting finish. With our jamb extensions, your windows will look great and function flawlessly for years to come.

Step Eight: Packing for Protection

Our team conducts rigorous tests to simulate the various challenges that our products may encounter during transportation. We have designed a specially engineered packaging system, which uses advanced materials and technology to provide maximum protection to your investment against the harsh impacts of travel.

Step Nine: Loading for Delivery

Our team of experts undergoes rigorous and specialized training to ensure that every product is loaded and secured for transport safely and efficiently. Be it a heavy and delicate window or a lightweight padded envelope, every item is handled with utmost care and transported according to a well-planned and strict strategy, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.

Step 10: Delivery and Installation

At Pella Windows and Doors of Germantown, we take great pride in our exceptional installation team. Our dedicated experts are committed to delivering exceptional service, and their extensive skills and experience have garnered them a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our installation professionals aren't just skilled craftsmen; they're artists who work with precision and care to transform your home. After years of experience and stringent training, they understand that proper installation is essential to ensure the longevity, performance, and beauty of our windows and doors.

Windows and Doors Near Me

If you're looking for custom-built windows or doors, Pella Windows and Doors of Germantown is here to help. We offer our services to the entire mid-south community. You can schedule a consultation by calling (901) 316-0166, booking an appointment online at pellabranch.com, or visiting our showroom located at 3092 Village Shops Drive, Suite 16 in Germantown, Tennessee. We would be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

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