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Nashville Vinyl Windows

Benefit from Low Maintenance, Cost-Effective Vinyl Windows

Nashville is a diverse city known for its culture, vibrance, and country music talent. This city, also known as the Athens of the South, the Birthplace of Country Music and, colloquially, Nash Vegas, is rich with American history. As part of the Deep South, one thing that stands out in this city is its unique architecture. Throughout neighborhoods like Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Inglewood, Forest Hills, and more, you’ll find homes in a range of styles, including but not limited to Georgian Revival, Antebellum, French Provincial, American Farmhouse, Ranch, and Cottage. 

Of course, windows are a must-have in any home. Because of their energy efficiency, quality, and affordability, many homeowners in Nashville are opting for vinyl windows for their replacement projects and new builds. At Pella, our vinyl window material is tried, tested, and proven to be weathering- and fade-resistant, making it ideal for Nashville’s varied climate. Our vinyl windows are available in multiple styles: awning, single- and double-hung, picture, sliding, and casement, which complement Nashville’s varied architectural styles. Here are some popular vinyl window trends in Nashville.

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations*

Customize your vinyl windows to match your historic or modern San Antonio home with these stylish hardware and grille designs. Homeowners with historic homes choose the traditional grille pattern and contemporary homeowners prefer brass, black, or metal hardware finishes.


  • Traditional Grille Pattern
  • Custom Grille Pattern
  • Top Row Grille Pattern
  • 6 Lite Prairie Grille Pattern
  • 9 Lite Prairie Grille Pattern


  • Fold-Away Crank 
  • Cam-Action Lock
  • Autolock
  • Integrated Sash Lift
  • Vent Stop and Opening Control Device

*Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

Nashville Climate Recommendations

Nashville has wet, frigid winters and hot, humid summers. Because of the city’s varied climate, energy efficiency is especially important – it can help you stay comfortable and enable your thermostat to work more efficiently, making for a lower energy bill.

Energy Efficiency Icon

Energy Efficiency

Pella utilizes Low-E insulating glass with argon to help keep your home insulated during chilly winters and moderate summers.

Between-the-Glass Blinds or Shades Icon

Between-the-Glass Blinds or Shades

Benefit from easy cleaning, increased temperature control, and more control over your home’s privacy and natural light with between-the-glass window treatments.

Dual or Triple Panel Glass

Dual-Pane or Triple-Pane Glass

Need to cut your energy costs? Invest in energy-efficient dual or triple-pane windows that fill with insulating gas for added thermal efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Where can I get paint or stain to match the interior and exterior of my Pella products?
    • Paints and stains for Pella products are available in quarts and gallons via special order through Lowe's stores or your local Pella Window and Door Showroom. You will need to provide the color of the paint or stain that you need to place an order.

      Or you may take the color or stain desired along with the substrate you are trying to match to your local Sherwin-Williams® or home improvement store and have them custom match the color.

      If you don't have a Pella paint chip or just need a small bottle of touch up paint or stain for dings and scratches, submit a request to Pella Corporation's customer support team or call (877) 473-5527 for further assistance.

      Be sure to consult with your local paint or finish store representative or professional to help address your specific finishing needs and review the finishing section of your Pella Owner's Manual for details about how to properly finish your Pella products.

  •   Why should I choose vinyl windows?
    • Vinyl windows from Pella are low maintenance and can look great for years. Vinyl is an affordable yet quality material making it lighter on your wallet.

  •   How do I open the lower and/or upper sash of my vinyl double-hung window?
    • To open the lower sash on your double- or single-hung window, unlock the sash and push it up.

      To open the upper sash on your double hung window, you will first need to unlock the lower sash. Then, pull down on the top of the upper sash to lower it. The upper sash on a single hung window does not open or close.

      If the window becomes difficult to raise or lower, remove any deposits - such as grease, oil or stains - that may have come in contact with the weatherstrip, apply a small amount of concentrated fabric cleaner or carpet cleaner - such as Spray-n-Wash®, OxiClean® Fabric Cleaner or Resolve® Carpet Cleaner - to the weatherstrip. Scrub the cleaner into the weatherstrip with a toothbrush or similar applicator. Continue applying cleaner until the deposits are no longer visible. Rinse the weatherstrip with clean water, and dry with a paper towel. Pella also recommends using a dry silicone spray or a thin layer of paraffin wax such as Teflon Dry Lubricant or Gulf Wax.  Do not use oily lubricants; they attract dust and grime, which will eventually restrict the window's movement. Once you have cleaned the weatherstrip, check to make sure weatherstrip is aligned properly on the sides (or jambs) of the window. 

      To check weatherstrip alignment, tilt the sash toward you and firmly press on the weatherstrip until it is properly seated in the frame on both sides of the window. Then, tilt the window into its normal operating position and check for proper window operation.

  •   What are some popular product options for window replacement?
    • Popular styles include double-hung and casement windows along with sliding glass patio doors. Our local experts assist homeowners in exploring replacement options commonly recommended for windows, entry and patio doors in your area. We can help determine which product is best for each home and budget.

  •   What window materials and features are best suited for this region's climate?
    • All of our window materials (vinyl, wood, and fiberglass) can withstand our climate! Having beautiful, long-lasting windows comes down to proper installation and regular maintenance.

      Each of our windows and doors offers favorable features. Aluminum clad offers turtle-shell-type protection on the exterior of the unit so you can enjoy the beauty of the wood on the interior. Our vinyl and fiberglass are good for those seeking a more maintenance-free option. Additionally, our blinds-between-the-glass help with seasonal allergens in our climate.

Vinyl Window Projects

Check out the different ways homeowners use vinyl windows in their houses.

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