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Pella Windows and Doors in San Francisco

PostedbyPella Doors & Windows of Northern California

on January 5, 2018

It’s All About the Wow

“It starts with the packaging,” said Alan Zweig. “I was completely amazed at how Pella manufactured their product, unlike any other company in the industry.”

Alan Zweig

Alan Zweig, owner and founder of Architectural Fenestration & Restoration Incorporated, has been in the construction industry for over 25 years.

AFR is a window installation and waterproofing company that specializes in San Francisco architecture and restoration. Zweig said that Pella is his window and door provider of choice because Pella has the same business mindset he does.

“Pella solves any problem I throw at them,” said Zweig. “The warranty is excellent and the knowledge of the service team is invaluable as a business owner.”

Zweig got started in the construction industry when he worked at Sears’ home improvement department as an estimator. He eventually worked his way to a management position and ran the largest West Coast office for 10 years before deciding to go solo and start his company, AFR. Zweig said he built his business, AFR, based on what he learned from his past experience, that customer service and satisfaction were top priorities.

“I saw how something as little as replacing a broken Craftsman tool for free, had a huge impact on the customer,” said Zweig. “I’ve built my business on this notion, and Pella fits within that mind set.”

 Zweig said that AFR does not have a marketing budget and business is booming despite of that. He has been using Pella windows and doors since he first started his business and said that using the very best product and service are what his customers talk about.

“I couldn’t afford marketing, but I could afford to wow people,” said Zweig.

Zweig uses Pella for their warranty, attention to detail and quality products. He said that Pella takes pride in how the product is seen by the customer.

“They pay special attention to details and take simple precautions,” said Zweig.

Pella offers Zweig solutions for some of the challenges he and many other architects face in San Francisco. The unique design and historic architecture are important in the city.

AFR Project

“Pella has the only wood window I will use,” said Zweig. “There is a quality and focus with Pella, nothing else even comes close.”

According to Zweig, Pella products embody the best look for San Francisco architecture with historically accurate details that no other company provides. There are specific sash profiles, lugs and window attributes that have to be maintained, but Zweig said he can rely on Pella to come through for his customers.

“Pella has the best look, and it closely matches the design of our San Francisco architecture,” said Zweig. “The ogee profile mimics the historical windows closer than any other vendor.”

Pella Doors and Windows of Northern California has been working with Zweig for over two decades and Zweig said he likes the support from the local branch. Zweig said he likes being able to communicate his ideas and design changes to the manufacturer.

“After working with Pella for 20 years, it’s really exciting to see some of my feedback from the field, implemented in new products,” said Zweig.

San Francisco Home

Zweig said he plans to continue to use Pella products for as long as he is in the business.

“All that Pella is as a company and what they offer support my one mission and that is to wow my customer,” said Zweig.

You can reach Alan Zweig with AFR at 415-717-8008 or email alan@afrwindows.com.

An expert with Pella Doors and Windows of Northern California can be reached at 844-877-3552.

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