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Raising the bar for Service: Field Service Regional Training

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

on March 21, 2018


Gunton and Pella are all about standing behind  our products and supporting our customers. That’s why we’re well known for our service team across not only Gunton, but across the Pella branches nationally. In order to provide  detailed and attentive service, a lot goes on behind the scenes from a training standpoint that customers don’t often get to see.

This past week was one of those times. Gunton hosted seven different Pella branches, coming from as far away as Texas, for Field Service Regional Training, led by Tim McCombs, Pella’s Field Service Training Specialist.

Throughout the course of this training, the technicians covered a variety of topics, from troubleshooting window problems to weather-stripping to installation and learning how to install the new and updated products such as Pella’s new Rolscreen® retractable screen  for casements. They also covered the SmartKey® product, and through that, how to re-key our door systems.

Along with training, they also covered Pella’s new innovative technology that is beginning to be use in manufacturing. Our service technicians  were able to see how it’s used and then learn about how it will further benefit  our customers.

Everyone who attended also got to tour Gunton’s Pittsburgh branch office and distribution center, the newest of the Gunton branch offices. Tim McCombs and the quality control team who attended  planned to take many of these  ideas from the meeting back to the engineers at Pella, where some may even be implemented. 

This is a great way not only for service technicians to learn and stay up to date on product, but for Pella to receive feedback from our customers, through our service technicians. This allows us to better serve our customers and to make sure that we're providing them  with inspired detail in both product and service.

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