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South Carolina Front Doors

Choose a front door that is the focal point of your porch

A great front porch is a Southern staple. An integral part of popular South Carolina home styles like Plantation style, single style, Craftsman, and coastal style, the front porch not only provides a focus point to a home’s facade, it also provides a warm, welcoming, inviting entrance for visitors and a perfect place to sip sweet tea from a rocking chair. The front porch signifies the southern approach to a relaxed pace of life, a place to escape the hot sun or a summer rainfall, and possibly even a space to enjoy an informal meal.

An essential element of every front porch is the front door. South Carolina front doors vary in style and color, but one common element connects them — their impact on a grand entrance. Whether you choose a modern door with lots of glass and a bright color, or a traditional style and dark wood finish, your front door will set the tone for style on your porch and at your entrance.

Commonly known as: main door, entry door, entrance door, exterior front doors

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

  • front door with glass windows Front Doors with Windows

    Adding glass to your front door comes with advantages. Glass paneled front doors let in more natural light than solid panel doors and they may also allow you to see visitors arriving before they knock or ring your doorbell. Options for glass are plentiful and include popular options like ½ light, ¾ light, and full light. Add grilles for a unique aesthetic or to change the look or style of your door. If you want added light but prefer a solid panel door, choose to add windows on the sides or above your door. Sidelights and transoms are available in many styles to customize your doorset.

  • Front Door Design - Double Doors Front Door Design

    Front door styles in Columbia, South Carolina vary greatly. Some homeowners choose a single solid glass front door while others choose a solid door with sidelights and a transom. Double front doors, created with two doors that swing open from a center rail, create a wider entrance for welcoming guests while adding a visual anchor within your home’s front exterior. The design you choose could depend on the size of your entrance: a townhouse may require a smaller door whereas a larger residential home could accommodate a larger option.

  • Wooden Front Doors Wood Doors

    Historic homes are common in some neighborhoods of Columbia — like the bungalow, colonial and southern architecture found in neighborhoods like Cottontown and Forest Acres. Wood doors are a classic way to maintain the historic authenticity of these homes while updating the exterior. Traditional style homes in South Carolina include influences from plantation, French Colonial, and Antebellum architecture. Door design elements to maintain this look and match your home’s architectural style include wood panel doors located at the center of the front facade, often leading into a grand entranceway. Some plantation style homes featured double wood doors painted in colors like white or green. Wood grain fiberglass is another option for homeowners who want to maintain the look of a wooden front door but appreciate the durability and lower maintenance requirements of fiberglass.

  • Glass Front Doors with Sidelights or Transoms Black Front Door 

    Black front doors are a modern twist on an entrance. Black is a color that can be both stylish and elegant and is unique in its ability to match almost any exterior color scheme and design style — whether modern or traditional. When set against a light or white exterior, black can create a dramatic contrast. Black front doors look great as a solid panel with minimal detail and clean lines, with intricate inlays and panel designs, or simply with large expanses of glass. It’s a versatile color that complements a variety of styles.

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations1

Sidelights, transoms, and window glass can add style to your front door. Find more customizations here.


  • Classic Collection
  • Essential Collection
  • Rustic Collection
  • Multipoint Locking System

Transoms, Sidelights, and Grilles

  • Rectangular Transom
  • Elliptical Transom
  • Arch Head Transom
  • 1/2 Circle Transom
  • Full Light Sidelight
  • 3/4 Light Sidelight
  • 1/2 Light Sidelight
  • Traditional Between-the-Glass Grilles
  • Traditional Fixed Grilles
  • Flush-glazed full light entry door with 4-Lite 3-1/2" Flat Simulated-Divided-Light Grilles

1Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

Columbia Climate Recommendations

Columbia has a mild, subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Summer precipitation can be heavy at times and South Carolina also experiences the occasional hurricane.

Low-E Protection

Low-E Protection

Keep warm in the winter by helping to reduce the heat loss from your home. Window panes of glass with Low-E glass can help keep your home insulated, blocking out the cold and keeping the heat in.

Between-the-Glass Shades or Blinds

Between-the-Glass Blinds or Shades

Filter incoming sunlight to your comfort level with blinds that are tucked between panes of glass.

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Low country and coastal regions that experience hurricanes and tropical storms may wish to consider impact glass.

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Customized with You in Mind

Pella windows and doors are made specifically for your home because one size doesn't fit all. With access to many materials, colors and options, including exclusive snap-in options for shades, blinds and grilles, along with smart home products and a proprietary finishing process that helps provide a quality finish.

Built to Last

Pella products are backed by some of the strongest window, door and installation warranties in the business. When installed by a Pella branch, your project is backed by our Pella Care Guarantee, our package of product warranties, installation warranty and service agreement that covers your products and their installation — including labor — for up to 10 years. See the written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, or contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527.

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An in-home consultation can help you explore all options and get a professional opinion on what will work best for you. During the consultation, local window professionals can come to your home to assess your window replacement needs and understand your priorities and budget.

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