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The Pella Difference

Not just another pretty space.

Tested Beyond Requirements

At Pella, quality is at the heart of what we do. Our testing processes help ensure that our products are built to last.

  • Thermal testing uses an infrared camera to show the thermal efficiency of our glass.
  • Wood preservative testing helps us to continuously improve our wood durability.
  • Cycle testing - we operate each product thousands of times to simulate prolonged performance of key components like locks, screens and shades.

Leaders in Innovation Since 1925

Continuous improvement means always challenging the status quo. Pella adopts and embraces change for the better, and we've implemented that philosophy into each aspect of our business in order to become a leader in technology and product innovation.

After 90+ years we continue to push beyond the ordinary to see what others don't. And this commitment to smart, practical innovation has built us a reputation for effective, patented problem-solving.

Innovative Approach to Product Design

Over 150 Product and Design Patents

Pella has been issued over 150 product and design patents since 1925 for various windows and doors and their components.

Innovative Approach to Product Design

Pella’s manufacturing principles add up to innovative, high-quality windows and doors. Our track record shows a commitment to new ideas that are designed to make life a little easier like retractable insect screens, between-the- glass blinds and shades, and pivoting window sashes that are easy to clean.

Leader In Environmental Stewardship

Pella has a proud history of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our environmental initiatives are practiced in three primary ways: responsible use of natural resources, recycling and creating energy-efficient products.

"We recognize our responsibilities as stewards of our natural resources and environment, and will avoid wasteful or harmful disregard of the environmental effects of our operations." - 1950, Pete Kuyper, Founder, Pella Corporation