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Best Alberta Architectural Styles for Awning Windows

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Western Canada

on August 24, 2021

Open awning windows
What window styles are best suited to your home? Because homeowners have to give careful consideration to the types of windows they incorporate into their home. Clashing styles can impact the curb appeal of your home, and it’s especially important that you think through the functionality that each window style brings to the table. For homeowners throughout Alberta, the awning window has become one of the most coveted window styles in the area.

Awning Windows Offer Natural Light and Ventilation

With hinges mounted at the top,<awning windowsswing outward from the bottom. Generally smaller than your average window, homeowners will often use the size of awning windows to their advantage. You can place them high on the wall, over a door or even above or below another window. Wherever you might need to illuminate a space with more natural light or improve ventilation, an awning window can be the solution to your problem.

Often, awning windows are used in combination with other windows. They can help add character to a space lacking in visual variety. Awning windows are also commonly used in hard to reach spaces or areas of the home that require a bit of privacy. By placing them high up on the wall, you can still take advantage of the air and light without compromising your privacy.

The versatility of awning windows also extends to the variety of designs, styles, shapes and materials you can choose from when customizing them to your needs.

Home Styles Best Suited for Awning Windows

You don’t need to be reminded that Alberta is a beautiful place to live, but it’s difficult not to talk about the beautiful landscape that the area has become known for. Whether you are on the streets of Calgary or traveling through the capital city of Edmonton, Alberta is a sight to behold. It’s also home to a variety of architectural styles. Fortunately for Alberta homeowners, awning windows can be seamlessly integrated into a number of different home styles.

Take, for example, the modern-style homes in Calgary. Modern homes tend to be varied in terms of design, which makes it difficult to assign them a particular window style. But awning windows have become a trendy choice for modern homeowners, often paired with a large picture window as the combination brings in an abundance of natural light and invites in a subtle bit of fresh air.

Alberta is also home to modern craftsman-style bungalows, which are a natural fit for awning windows. Window combinations for a modern craftsman-style bungalow are often seen in groups of two or three, and awning windows will typically match well with single- and double-hung windows. It offers a distinctive look with the craftsman style, especially when you choose wood frames and a natural stained finish for your awning windows.

There are also a handful of neighborhoods across Calgary that feature mid-century modern homes, which present an ideal match for the unique style of awning windows.

Find Awning Windows for Your Home

If you have a modern, craftsman-style or mid-century modern style home and you are looking to upgrade your windows, your search begins and ends with awning windows. They are the easy choice if your goals are to improve the lighting and ventilation of your home. Even if you don’t own a style of home that is traditionally suited to awning windows, the versatility of the style means there is room to experiment with combinations of different styles.

Ready to add awning windows to your home? Visit your nearest showroom and our team can help you find the right combination of windows to upgrade your home.

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