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Western Canada Casement Windows

Benefit From Better Natural Light and Ventilation With Casement Windows

The Calgary–Edmonton Corridor, also known as the province of Alberta in Western Canada, is known for its beautiful scenery, appealing attractions, vibrant culture, and beautiful architecture. Throughout Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Cochrane, St. Albert, Okotoks, and more, you’ll find beautiful homes in various architectural styles such as Cottage, Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, Colonial, and Ranch. 

As you admire the architecture of Western Canada, you might notice that homes throughout it have casement windows. This window style complements an array of home styles, making them a great fit for homes throughout Calgary–Edmonton. Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward by turning a handle, enabling maximum airflow – which is ideal for enjoying Canada’s beautiful summers. Casement windows can be designed in different sizes and colours, and with different materials, hardware options, screens, and grilles to best meet your needs.

Commonly known as: crank windows, side hinge windows, side hung windows, hinged windows.

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Popular Local Trends & Styles


Western Canada Climate Recommendations


Calgary–Edmonton has a windy, sunny climate with mildly humid and warm summers and long, frigid winters. Pella’s energy-efficient window features can give you better control over your home’s temperature regulation, helping keep your loved ones comfortable and your energy bill low.


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