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Enjoy your outdoor living space from inside


on November 20, 2017


Homeowners continue to search for ways to connect the indoors to the outdoors, especially in areas with mild climates. Outdoor cooking, al fresco dining, and outdoor living spaces continue to rise in popularity with homebuyers.  Being outdoors can give people a feeling of calmness and serenity so it's a natural desire to let sunlight stream in through our doors and windows, as well as open up to the outside when possible for entertaining and dining. 

Homeowners are spending more of their time and budgets on outdoor living spaces, but how can you take advantage of these features from inside your home and blend the lines between indoor and outdoor living? When planning your home entertainment and lounging spaces, consider ways to draw attention to these areas.

We explored five ways to utilize your outdoor living spaces to enhance your interior.

Patio doors that open up the wall

The right patio door will serve as a functional way to connect to an outdoor living space and also provide natural light into the home. Sliding patio doors are common in houses, but multi-slide patio doors and ones that fold or swing are unique and appealing options that not only allow a wide expanse for easy entertaining, but also elevate your house’s overall look and feel.

Consider how often your doors will be used on a daily basis as well as how your indoor and outdoor spaces will be used when entertaining. If you are looking to connect an indoor dining area with an outdoor living space, multi-slide or bifold patio doors could be a transformative addition to your home and could expand your livable space.

PROJECT: Great View in West Texas

View from house

Windows of Various Shapes and Sizes

Windows in varying shapes can provide a connection to outdoors, while also adding a unique design detail to both the inside and outside of the home. Floor-to-ceiling windows or a wall of windows are popular modern options for homes. Modern style windows with low profiles allow for unobstructed views will make you feel like you are outside, even when the weather may not be conducive. Custom or special shape windows can add a high-end look.

Another design technique to make you feel as though you are outside is to choose window frames that match the color of your walls. That way the frame visually blends with the surrounding walls creating a cohesive blend between window and wall. 

Backyard view

Arrange or build your deck or patio area so that it’s both a functional area for entertaining and also a great addition to your view. When arranging furniture on your deck or patio, consider how your arrangement will look from your corresponding interior room. To soften the look, try bringing indoor items outside, such as textiles, plants, outdoor-rated lighting, and furniture. This adds a finishing touch and makes your outdoor living space even more attractive.

Table near the windows

Create a Dining Nook.

In addition to outdoor dining options, many people choose to create a dining nook near windows to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. Set up a space for a table and a few chairs right by your windows, so you can feel like you are dining al fresco even when it’s raining.
Outdoor focal point

Create a New Focal Point.

If your home doesn’t have an amazing view, one can be created. A lush courtyard of landscaping and plants can create an focal point from your home. Water fountains, sculptures, or fire pits could also be great additions to your outdoor space, and can turn your backyard into something truly special.


Maximize your comfort and serenity from inside your home by considering how to connect your indoors with outside. With these tips, you can elevate the function and comfort of your home.

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