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4 Easy Door Decor Ideas for Independence Day


on June 27, 2017


Looking to decorate your home for Independence Day, but not sure how to go about it? Decorating the entryway of your home can be a quick, painless way to show your patriotic pride without investing a lot of money.

Remember, there are two ways to go with door decoration ideas for the home. You can go for subtle, understated accents to your home that turn the year-round beauty of your home into something season-appropriate, or you can go all out for a complete transformation with tons of different 4th of July decorations.

1. Patriotic door wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas—a patriotic door wreath for Independence Day can really help your home stand out, makes a great impression for visitors and guests, and takes minimal effort to get right. You’ll have to decide early on whether you want to go for a complete DIY project or something off-the-shelf with a bit of tweaking.

For DIY, the sky's the limit. Pick up a wire wreath frame from a craft store and start thinking about materials. For example, you might fill out your wreath with ribbons, colored fabrics, flag bandanas, or even colored clothespins. Consider grabbing some plastic decorative stars to spruce up the final product.

For a less intensive project, you can get a patriotic wreath with minimal effort by purchasing a simple undecorated wreath and draping a small flag across the front or entwining it with red white and blue ribbon.

2. Flag banners

You can go a step beyond the wreath by framing your entryway with patriotic banners. You have a few options here; you can pick up off-the-shelf flag banners to hang on either side of your doorway, or you can get a bit more creative with the fabric of your choice. Burlap is a great choice for exterior decorations, as it’s inexpensive, durable, and may stand up better to weather than other materials.

If you’re making your own banner, make sure you decide early on how you want to hang it. A traditional banner uses a simple rod attached via loops at the top of the banner, but you could also consider tacking, nailing, or using removable hanging strips. Make sure you consider how stable you want your banners to be—if you don’t want them flapping in the wind, you’ll need to secure the base, too.

3. Independence day door decorations

If a wreath doesn’t catch your interest for door decoration, consider a door hanger for a less festive, more rustic delivery of your patriotism. The limits of a door hanger really come down to your skill with woodworking; a hand-painted square of wood hung with screws and twine can be a great decoration with minimal effort and tools, or you can go all out and craft something substantial, like a hollow star shape to decorate with cloth, greenery, or whatever else comes to mind.

4. Doormats 

A doormat is a great piece of decoration for your home entryway—and it doesn’t take much to make it a nice part of your patriotic décor. We’re going to recommend against a flag—it sends a strange message to wipe your feet on the stars and stripes—but there are plenty of other patriotic motifs you might adopt.

If you’re not interested in finding a red, white, and blue motif to purchase off the shelf, consider crafting your own doormat for the holiday. There are any number of approaches to DIY doormats, depending on your preferred approach to crafts. You can get a generic doormat made from paintable or dyeable materials, and customize from there, like this painted version from Martha Stewart.

If you’re satisfied with your 4th of July front door décor, but the door itself isn’t satisfying you, it might be time to look into new entry doors with the help of Pella. Good decorations demand a good foundation, after all.

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