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5 Entryway Rug Ideas


on November 21, 2017

5 Entryway Rug Ideas

Want to make a good first impression on your house guests? It starts the moment they walk through the door. The first step they take into your house is the most important.


Because what they step on when they walk in makes a big difference. Your entry rug can start your visitors’ experience off on the right foot, as well as enhance your home’s overall aesthetic.

However, it’s not enough to buy just any entry rug. There’s some rhyme and reason to what kind of rug is right for your home. Here are five rhymes and reasons to choosing an entry rug that fits your doorway.

1. Size

When it comes to entry door rugs, size is everything. Before you go shopping for a rug, take some time to measure. If you have double doors or oversized doors give extra consideration to the size of rug you’ll need. It’s recommended to match the size of your rug to the size of your entry door, and be conscious of how much space in your doorway you have for that rug.

After you measure for size, also consider the inswing of your entry door and how high the door is off the ground. Pay close attention to how much space there is between the bottom of the door and the floor. You want the rug you buy to have a little breathing room, and not brush the door every time it’s opened.

2. Color

While the color of your entry door rug may come down to personal preference, there are a couple things to consider. For instance, white and bright rugs may look great for a time, but they can quickly lose their shine when dirty shoes step on them. Your entry rug is most likely going to see its fair share of dirt, mud, snow, and water, so keep in mind your climate as well as the amount of traffic your entry sees. If the entry is your main family entrance, you may need a more durable rug than if your entry is a formal entrance mostly used by guests.

Patterns and darker colors on rugs can help to hide footprints and accumulated dirt, and a well-designed pattern can give your doorway the spark and visual attention it deserves. Bright patterned foyer rugs decorating your entry are a great way to add color into a neutral space.

3. Shape

Another entry rug consideration is shape. Rectangular rugs are popular, but there are several different kinds of possible shapes: square, oblong, and runner options may fit your space and decor. You may wish to pick a shape that fits your entryway. Have a narrower space? Take a look at runner rugs, which are long and narrow. If you have a larger entryway, rectangular or oblong are both great options. If you have an arched doorway, a circular rug can be a nice compliment.

4. Cleaning and Durability

Colors and patterns factor into how much dirt shows on your entry rug, but eventually you’ll likely need to clean it, or at least shake it out. You should reserve deep-cleaning for when your rug when is especially dirty. Your cleaning needs will be a direct result of the amount of foot traffic and the weather. Consider how often your rug will need to be cleaned when choosing a rug fabric.

Natural rugs, such as wool, are usually more durable than synthetic, silk, or cotton rugs. This is mostly because wool retains color and dye very well, so it doesn’t easily fade away, and it fights water and stains. The best type of rug for your front door may be something that is durable and stain resistant. Help combat stains and dirt by providing a doormat outside your entry door for guests to wipe shoes before entering.


Your rug may not last forever, but you’ll want to ensure that the rug you’re buying will last you for a good amount of time, and still look good as it ages.

5. Style

Rugs don’t have to be boring. They should also match your taste. Does your home décor have a certain look or feel? Try to choose a rug that enhances that look. Another option is to match the rug with the style of your entry door. This can make your rug and door stand out even more, and gives your house its own unique feel.

Take a moment to consider the furniture, curtains, or decor existing in your entry to ensure your rug compliments your existing style.

Entry rugs may not seem like a necessity, but they do play a large part in your home’s aesthetic, especially to your visitors. As they step in your home, make sure they’re stepping on an entryway rug that is built to last and feels like an extension of your home’s style.

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