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Our Favorite Backyard Ideas


on March 17, 2022


Whether you’re a grill master tempting the neighborhood with your world-famous ribs, determined to master your gardening skill, or simply want to spend your off-hours basking in fresh air and sunshine, these backyard design ideas will turn your outdoor space into the sweet escape you’ve been dreaming of. 

Maximize Your Backyard Patio Space

Small, large, or in-between, patio space is precious to homeowners. Making the most of that space is all about vignettes and multi-purpose furniture. 

Create Focused Vignettes

Organize your patio into smaller areas that serve a unique purpose or function. Focus on making each small space its own destination. 

For example, you can have a grilling corner decked to the nines with accessories, tools, and all the necessities to grill your most delicious meal yet. Designate another area of the patio for strictly lounging furniture and decor. 

Rinse and repeat with various themes or purposes to create a multi-functional space that offers a little something for everyone. 

Double Down on Utility

Who doesn’t love a good bench that doubles as storage? Or a rolling cart that can store your gardening supplies while pumping out the tunes through a bluetooth speaker? These days there is no shortage of furniture and decor options that do double, triple, and even quadruple duty. Take advantage of the innovations in outdoor furniture by choosing pieces that are beautiful and functional to get the most out of your patio space. 

Simple Design Ideas to Make Your Backyard Shine

Sometimes, making the most of your outdoor space isn’t about going all out. The little things can make a big difference in both aesthetic appeal and your own enjoyment of the backyard.

Add Landscaping

If you don’t have existing landscaping, add some greenery or pops of color with potted plants or in-ground landscaping around the perimeter of your yard. Even a few quick additions will liven up your space tremendously. 

Replace Your Patio Door

We like to think of your patio door as the second welcoming area of your home. Sprucing up your patio door by installing a glass sliding door or creating a statement with bi-fold or hinged patio doors is an incredible way to create a sophisticated entrance to your outdoor oasis. 

Best Designs for Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoying your backyard to its maximum potential is about more than just aesthetic. Combine the best elements of design with the reality of your local weather and intended use to unlock the full power of a well-designed backyard. Here are some ideas to strike inspiration. 

Work With the Sun

Knowing where and when the sun hits various parts of your yard will help you determine where to place  outdoor furniture. Utilize sun umbrellas and pergolas for spaces that get used during the hottest parts of the day. In shady areas, choose an open, airy design style using uncovered furniture and metal accents.

Bring Your Interior Design Outside 

If you’re stumped on what decor style would best suit your backyard space, look to your indoor design for inspiration. What elements can you bring from your interior design that create a smooth transition for yourself and your guests? 

For example, if you have a boho chic interior that features a lot of house plants, spend extra care in designing your yard’s landscaping. Alternatively, if your home’s interior design is more stark and modern, bring that into the yard with modular furniture in neutral tones. 

Lean Into the Nature

Whether your backyard is a small terrace or an expansive green space, taking inspiration from the flora and fauna around you is an easy design win. Incorporate potted plants to liven up any outdoor space, utilize botanical prints in patio furniture or decor to tie lounging areas with the greater outdoors, and find ways to highlight the existing nature in your yard by adding lights to trees or making your garden beds a design focal point. 

Covered Patio Designs 

Covered patios are an excellent choice for homeowners in areas where inclement weather occurs during the warmer months. Being forced inside when a thunderstorm rolls in or a shower rains on your parade can put a damper on your relaxation time. A covered patio provides a safe shelter without the compromise of kissing fresh air goodbye. 

House Plants Keep it Green

If you’re worried about your covered patio feeling a little too “inside,” bring your hardier house plants out to play. Tropical houseplants typically do well or even thrive outdoors during the summer months, and they can add a touch of green that complements the rest of your yard. They also serve as a nice reminder that you are, indeed, spending time in nature. One caveat for homeowners here: if you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, make sure you have indoor space reserved for those outdoor plants when fall and winter roll around. 

Create Your Own Cabana

Choosing furniture for your outdoor space is much easier when you have a covered patio to protect it from the elements. Use that design and decor freedom to build in a bar to level up your outdoor entertaining potential. 

Whatever your entertaining and enjoyment goals are, the professionals at Pella can help make your backyard more inviting . If you’re ready to level up your patio and backyard design with a new door or window, schedule a consultation today.

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