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Affordable Windows to Add Limitless Luxe to Your Home


on April 25, 2022


These days, home isn’t just the place where we rest our heads. It’s also our favorite social gathering place, our personal restaurant, gym, concert hall, and outdoor oasis. It makes sense, then, that there has been a rise in luxury home trends. Whether you’re interested in making your home feel like the height of luxury or want to add a little luxe on a budget, the experts at Pella can help you navigate the choices.

The Right Window Adds a Touch of Luxe to Any Room

When you think of luxury home design, your first thought likely goes to glittering metallics and lush fabric choices. These are all excellent options to get that gilded look, but did you know that your home’s windows can play a major role in how lavish your home feels, too? 

Windows provide stunning natural light that can bring life to any room, and with a wide array of styles and luxury building materials to choose from, the right window can make any space feel luxurious. Choosing the right window depends on your interior and exterior design goals, budget, and personal preferences.

Pella Window Options to Level Up Your Luxe

Shopping for windows can be an overwhelming experience if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for or what benefits certain windows might provide. If your goal is to add more luxury to your home with your window choice, here are a few windows we recommend. 

Wood Windows

Whatever style suits your home best, it’s hard to beat the beauty and durability of a wood window. As the original window material, wood windows offer a wide array of designs and can be stained or painted to match your home’s distinctive style. 

Bow Windows  

Similar to a bay window but often with a slimmer profile, bow windows pack a visual punch. Because they protrude from your walls, bow windows also create additional design space that make them the perfect display opportunity. Nothing says “limitless luxe” quite like a carefully curated window display of beautiful decor items and thriving houseplants, paired with the stunning natural light that bow windows offer. 

Special Shaped Windows

What’s more glamorous than living in an art piece? Special shaped windows can help you turn your home’s facade into a stunning piece of visual art. With a variety of options like angled, curved, and rectangular, mixing and matching special shaped windows in your home creates a truly distinctive look. Select special shaped windows to highlight unique architectural aspects of your home, or combine special shaped windows with more traditional styles to elevate your home’s exterior. 

Luxe Living at an Affordable Price

All this talk of grandeur and luxury might have you seeing a never-ending row of dollar signs. However, the beauty of the limitless luxe movement is that it can be done in bits and pieces. Small touches of luxury have the ability to uplevel entire spaces, and therein lies the power. Luxe living can be as simple as a gold-tassel throw pillow, a set of emerald-colored bed sheets or a single statement window

Luxurious Interior Design

The idea of “limitless luxe” is on the rise as a home decor and design inspiration. Homeowners are working toward creating their own castles so they can feel like true royalty. But it doesn’t take a royal fortune to claim your crown. Tapping into the essence of the limitless luxe trend is about curating the spaces that most homeowners overlook with a little extra decor and design attention. 

Add splashes of black and gold for a chic, sleek look, and choose beautiful textures like marble and faux fur to tie everything together. Not to be confused with the maximalist trend also on the rise, limitless luxe is about achieving a refined appearance with just the right balance of  high-level finishes, rich jewel tones, and show-stopping design pieces like velvet couches or an expansive, custom-built window.

Luxury Exterior Design

Getting extravagant on the exterior of your home is a balancing act. It can easily tip into the realm of “too busy” if you forget the luxe living golden rule: all things in moderation. Instead of slapping on the flashiest finishes you can find and calling it a day, focus on refined neutrals with pops of jewel tones or metallic accents.

If you’re looking for affordable exterior luxury, fiberglass windows in a sleek black finish are another great way to create a bold facade without breaking the bank. 

Get Five Star Treatment from Start to Finish 

While you’re busy at work creating your own personal palace, you can feel like royalty when you work with the experts at Pella. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service every step of the way, from our first conversation to installation and beyond. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.

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