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Mood Board - Contemporary Window Design


on November 6, 2017


Elements of contemporary design:

  1. Sleek surfaces - Glass, lucite, stainless steel or brushed nickel. Streamlined architectural elements. Contemporary window designs commonly stretch floor to ceiling creating sleek sightlines with expansive glass.
  2. Minimalism and a feeling of “airiness” - Less “stuff” overall. Bright, open, airy describe the contemporary home. Uncluttered surfaces help achieve the look.
  3. Simple clean lines in furniture and decor - Avoid overstuffed or heavy furniture. Use furniture on legs to reduce visual weight.
  4. Subtle colors with accents of something bright - Alternate textures to bring visual interest  to neutral color palette. Wood tones - traditionally very light or very dark tones. Clean white spaces.
  5. Lighting - Accent clean lines with bright lighting. Combination of natural light from large windows and accent lighting from modern fixtures

Check out some real life projects featuring contemporary windows:

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