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Lead Safety During Window Replacements

Lead Safety

If your residence was built before 1978, lead testing will be performed with your authorization. You can be assured that your Pella window and door replacement installer has been trained in lead-safe work practices.

If lead is present or likely to be present in your home, we will complete your project efficiently and safely while complying with all EPA requirements. Your safety is of the highest importance to us.

Lead-Safe Testing and Installation Process

  1. Testing
    Upon your authorization, we will follow EPA guidelines to test the windows or doors being replaced for lead paint, and to confirm whether a lead-safe installation is required. Please note that testing will mar a very small part of your window or door.
  2. Education
    We will present you with educational materials about lead paint. Your Pella EPA-certified team will also have documentation of certification and training with them on the job site.
  3. Preparations
    We will hang the proper signage to communicate that a lead-safe renovation is in process. We will also seal the work area inside and outside your home to contain any lead dust per EPA specifications.
  4. Contained Installation
    Within each contained area, measures will be taken to help ensure that any dust is isolated within the environment to reduce lead contamination.
  5. Cleanup and Disposal
    We will take the proper precautions to clean up the work area, including disposing of your old windows, doors and lead-contaminated debris in accordance with EPA, state and local regulations. Finally, the work area will be cleaned and tested to ensure that lead contaminants have been removed according to EPA requirements.
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