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Bay Window Styles for Your Midwest Home


on July 9, 2021

Bay window near chair in living room

Your home can never have enough character and charm. If you’re looking for an infusion of one or both, you’d be hard pressed to find a better solution than a bay window. A unique configuration of windows that immediately grabs your attention, bay windows can enhance the curb appeal of your home, create extra space, invite more natural light inside, and offer you a picturesque portrait of the neighborhood. It may be exactly what your home is missing.

Bay Windows Add Visual Appeal to Your Home

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home when viewed from the street, and there are few design elements more eye-catching than a bay window on the front of your home. Typically consisting of a large picture window flanked by two operable angled windows, a bay window makes a dramatic impact on any space. Suddenly you can start your day by looking out into your neighborhood and taking in your beautiful surroundings in the morning.

Because bay windows are so large, that means your interior space will be flooded with natural light. Though you can, of course, control how much sunlight you invite in with blinds or shades. But the idea is to brighten a room that might otherwise feel too dark.

Homeowners have also been known to take advantage of the shelf space afforded by a bay window. Because they protrude outward, there is space at the base of the window. You can use that space for storage or turn into a bench seating area. More than a few homeowners have converted that space into a nook, allowing them to cozy up next to the window.

Our Favorite Bay Windows for Midwest Homes

The Midwest is home to a variety of residential architectural styles. Visitors to the Quad Cities find a collection of Victorian homes, from Gothic Revivals to Queen Anne style homes. Bay windows work well with historic style homes, complementing the vertical proportions of the exterior. So if you live in a city like Peoria, with a proliferation of traditional style homes, a new bay window could be the feature that your historic home needs to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

But bay windows are not limited to traditional style homes. They can also seamlessly integrate with the clean and sophisticated look of a modern style home. Pella Impervia fiberglass bay windows with black frames can provide the contemporary look and feel you need.

There is also the location of your bay window to consider. The living room of your home may seem like the obvious choice, but you don’t always have to make the conventional choice. Kitchen bay windows can enhance a space where you might be entertaining guests while also making your dining area seem larger and brighter. Your bay window is going to be a conversation piece no matter where you put it, so consider putting it where the conversations are happening.

Choose a Bay Window for Your Home

Whether you live in the Quad Cities, Peoria or elsewhere in the Midwest, a bay window can make a difference in your home. Use it to complement the old school charm of your historic home, or integrate it into the clean and simple look of your modern home. You can make an impression on the rest of the neighborhood with a bay window in the front of your home, or create a cozy space for yourself in the kitchen or even a bedroom. No matter the architectural style of your home, a bay window can achieve the impossible task of blending in and standing out.

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