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Choosing Windows for Your Bungalow-Style Home


on November 1, 2018


There are few styles of residential architecture as synonymous with their geographical area as the iconic bungalows that have become so closely associated with California. Ideal for mild climates and especially popular in the West, the structure is rather simple.

These 1- or 1½-story houses, complete with sloping roofs and a window over the main portion of the house, function as single-family homes that are practical, inexpensive and easily built. They typically include a front porch, tapered square columns, and an open floor plan.

The California bungalow remains the most popular type today, but beach bungalows have been adopted as an indelible staple of beachside culture in the West. These modern properties are coveted for their humble size, seaside views, and low-key vibes.

One of the most important elements of California and beach bungalows are the windows. There are a variety of different styles that have become staples of the modern bungalow.

Bungalow style windows
Bungalow style windows

Bungalow-style windows

You can open up your bungalow to the rest of the world with a bay window. These types of windows have become a popular option for bungalows, in large part because they pair well with the modest size of the home. Bay windows make the most of limited wall space, using panoramic glass to fill your home with natural light and capturing a picturesque view of the outside - which is especially appealing for beach bungalows facing the water. Bungalow style traditionally resonated well with the modest American family, looking for an affordable home with stylish simplicity and a connection to nature. The bungalow is practical, stylish, and built with sound construction and privacy in mind.

Double-hung and single-hung windows are a more traditional choice, especially if you prefer a craftsman-style bungalow. You’ll often see double- and single-hung windows used in combinations of two or three, although many styles utilize banks of up to four windows. The timeless, authentic look and feel of these windows, in addition to their access to air circulation and ventilation for warmer climates, have made them a popular choice for homeowners restoring historic craftsman-style bungalows.

Modern craftsman-style bungalows have also made use of casement and awning windows that, when paired with double- and single-hung windows, create a distinctive pattern.

Stained or leaded glass are also popular pairings for bungalow windows. Stained glass, specifically, was common in original craftsman homes, and can be an affordable option today that captures the craftsman-style spirit in your well-designed exterior.

Traditional bungalow style typically embraces warm earthy colors and utilizes stained wood interiors for windows, however, some modern bungalow owners may wish to brighten their space or keep with a beachy vibe by choosing a painted interior.

Bungalow window grill designs

Window grille designs for bungalows

The key to achieving that craftsman-style aesthetic is not limited to the type of windows. You’ll want to consider using grilles to complement your bungalow’s architectural style. Most commonly used on the top third of bungalow-style windows, the primary function of a grille is an aesthetic one, serving as a decorative element of your home exterior.

Top row, prairie, and 14-lite prairie are the grille designs most popular with bungalows.

Top row and prairie grilles, when used with single- or double-hung windows, are practical and simplistic, and the perfect complement for modest homes. 14-lite prairie grilles, common with casement and awnings windows, offer a more elegant design if that is more your personal style.

If you are restoring or building a bungalow, keep window design in mind. Bungalow windows can add style to your traditional or modern bungalow architecture while preserving the simplicity that hallmarks this home style.

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