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Window Screens for Mountain Homes


on October 17, 2022


Mountain homes — from the Rockies to Sierra Nevada — are often characterized by the striking surroundings and spectacular views. More than just the stunning landscapes, living in the mountains is also about the ambiance. Here are some ways to best capture that ambiance using windows and window screens.

Windows to best capture airflow

Whether you’re capturing mountain drafts or valley gusts, letting the fresh mountain air inside can be a major perk of mountain living. Casement windows are a popular option for homeowners who are seeking to maximize ventilation. Placed side-by-side, or flanking an inoperable picture window, casement windows allow you to best direct air inside based on the direction of the breeze. 

Classic double-hung windows are another popular choice for letting in the breeze. The upper and lower sashes allow you to open from the top or bottom depending on your preference.

Screen options for mountain homes

There are many ways you can maximize natural light, fresh mountain air and the view you love while keeping bugs out with Pella’s revolutionary screen innovations.

InView™ Screen

Pella’s standard high-transparency flat window screen, InView, lets in more air and 14% more light than conventional fiberglass screens.* Similar to conventional fiberglass screens, our InView screen is a flat screen, meaning the screen is always visible unless it is removed for seasonal storage.

*Improved airflow is based on calculated screen cloth openness. Screen cloth transmittance was measured using an integrated sphere spectrophotometer.

Hidden Screen

Pella’s Hidden Screen design allows 44% more natural light into your home when a window is closed than a standard screen.** This intuitive design provides a screen that is there when you want it and folds away when you don't. This is a great option for homeowners who prefer to keep views completely unobstructed.

Our Hidden Screen has been designed and tested to 9,400 cycles, which is the equivalent to opening and closing your window every day for 25 years. Hidden Screen is available on Pella 250 Series vinyl single-hung, double-hung and sliding windows.

**Based on calculated screen cloth openness.


The Rolscreen is a self-storing, retractable window screen that rolls up and down like a shade. Self-storing screens roll out of sight when they are not in use, eliminating the seasonal chore of removing and storing screens.  This option features a high-transparency screen material as standard, and is available on select wood casement and awning windows.

Integrated Rolscreen®

An Integrated Rolscreen provides a cleaner, more polished look for any window pane. This retractable screen only appears when you open the window and disappears into the frame when a single- or double-hung window is closed. This innovation is available exclusively on Pella® Reserve™ - Traditional windows, which are a great fit for  mountain style homes.

beautiful mountain home with a stunning vista

Types of shutters

Upgrade Your Mountain Home With Pella 

Living near mountains comes with many perks. Choosing the right window style can help you take advantage of the views, and choosing the right screen can maximize the view while also letting in the crisp mountain air. Request a consultation today to get started.

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