Modern Farmhouse - Fiberglass Windows - Lawrence, WI

Modern Farmhouse - Fiberglass Windows - Lawrence, WI

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Breaking the mold is the name of the game with the Roc Building Solutions’ modern farmhouse, which is located in the Hemlock Creek subdivision in the town of Lawrence, WI. Just like the subdivision that features uniquely named streets like Potter Drive, Wizard Way, and Raven Claw Court, the once model home is a one-of-a-kind creation of Roc’s owners, Nicole and Andy Selner. They were looking to do something different and decided to get creative by combining a simpler farmhouse exterior with an interior filled with bold design.

The home was a new construction project and features the Pella Impervia® line of fiberglass windows that have durable fiberglass frames with a powder-coat finish. This finish gives it the look of painted wood and for the Roc modern farmhouse, Nicole and Andy choose to go with black on the interior and exterior of the home. In addition to using Pella Impervia® fiberglass windows, they installed a sliding patio door that has between-the-glass shades. They went with a black finish for the door so it would match the rest of the home.

Nicole and Andy are now designing other homes in the Greater Green Bay area and are continuing to use the different products that Pella has to offer. Green Bay Home Tours provided the photos for this project. 


A modern living space with black fiberglass windows.


A gorgeous dining area


Fiberglass windows and sliding patio door bring plenty of light into the dining room.


An informal lounge space


A well-designed bathroom that is complemented beautifully by a black fiberglass window


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