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How to Use Sliding Glass Doors as Interior Room Dividers

posted on May 03, 2021 in Global Blogs

Black-framed sliding glass doors in living room

There are a number of stylistic differences between traditional and contemporary home designs. One of the biggest is the use of space. 

Traditionally, homes were more walled off, where each room feels segmented. If there wasn’t a hinged or pocket door, there was at least a doorway. Then, in the 1970s, the open concept floor plan broke down the walls and quickly became the most popular home design trend.

That popularity hasn’t waned. But with kids’ toys taking over every room and the home office intermixing with living space, there’s a growing desire to bring back some semblance of separation in homes of all styles. And interior sliding doors offer a great solution.

Benefits of Indoor Sliding Doors

Interior sliding glass doors blend the best of both traditional and contemporary floor plans. You can keep your open concept by keeping the doors open. Or close them for some privacy and separation, without making your home feel closed-off. This design flexibility brings a bevy of other benefits to your home’s interior:

1. Configurable Space

Needs change the longer you’re in your house. Over the years, a bonus room may transform into a bedroom, office, toy room, gaming room or craft room. An internal sliding door can divide two rooms or split one room in two so you can more easily adjust your existing floor plan to meet your spatial needs.

2. Improved Flow

Interior sliding doors also save on space, which improves the flow in your home. You don’t have to worry about bumping into open doors whenever you enter a room, or be forced to decorate and design around the swing of a solid core door.

3. More Natural Light

Traditional homes typically have more windows on more sides of the house. While contemporary style and modern interior design both feature larger, unobstructed windows or walls of glass. In any case, natural light may not reach the interior parts of your home. Or the lighting can be imbalanced, where there’s lots of light on the south-facing side of your home and very little on the opposite side. 

By incorporating an interior sliding glass door in place of solid doors or a wall, you can help sunshine flow more freely throughout your home.

4. Enhanced Style

There are dozens of different sliding doors you can find to fit your style. Recycled wood doors add a rustic aesthetic. Barn wood doors provide a Modern Farmhouse feel. But if you want to preserve the openness and increase the natural light, patio doors are the way to go

Patio doors offer the same benefits inside your home as they do on an exterior wall, bringing style and beauty along with functionality. And there are a number of features to choose from so that your sliding door can seamlessly fit into your interior design.

Interior sliding glass doors divide a three season room and dining room

Sliding Door Room Divider Ideas

Think of an interior sliding glass door as a movable, see-through wall. Now think of all the great places you could put it! 

Internal sliding glass doors unite rooms as much as they divide them. So there are countless ways you can use them strategically to both connect and break up your living space.

1. Separate a sunroom with sliding glass doors.

The same concept can be applied to a three season room or a sunroom. Some sunrooms have sliding glass doors of their own. Others have three walls of windows instead. You can keep your interior sliding door open in seasonable weather so that your sunroom is more accessible. When it’s too hot or too cold, close the doors to preserve energy efficiency while maintaining the sights and sunlight that fill your three season room.

2. Pair two parallel sliding doors.

Patio doors create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. When you run two parallel to each other, you can open up even more of your home to create one free-flowing space. Plus, the sunshine will flood through both sliding glass doors into the far reaches of your house.

Interior sliding door divides dining room and open concept kitchen

3. Use sliding doors to divide a large room.

One room can serve multiple purposes. But partitioning a large, open room with furniture can make it feel crowded and clunky, disrupting the flow. Dividing sliding doors split a room in two, creating a more natural separation.

Multi-slide doors are an elegant option to carve out a distinct dining room from an open concept kitchen. They give your floor plan maximum flexibility. You can close off the room entirely, keep only a panel or two closed or tuck the doors into their pockets for a fully open concept.

Close-up of tracks within frame of multi-slide patio doors

4. Create a private space for work or play.

A bonus room on your first floor or in the basement can be used in a number of ways. Depending on its use, you may want a door to supply separation. With a pull of a handle, your bonus room can be a private workspace to focus and take calls or a playroom where you can still keep eyes on the kids while shutting out some of the noise.

Multiple interior sliding glass doors divide rooms in a home

Installing Interior Sliding Doors

When it comes to solving design problems, it helps to think outside the box. Or, in this case, outside the standard sliding door styles. It also helps to get a professional opinion and installation.

Because there are a lot of considerations for where and how you can place a sliding glass door inside your home. For example, many walls are load-bearing. That limits the size and placement of an interior sliding door because you have to ensure the wall and door still provide the necessary support to your home’s structure. It might limit your options.

A window and door professional can assess the spot where you want an interior sliding door to make sure it’s feasible. After taking an accurate measurement, they can walk you through your options — some you may have never dreamed of! Sliding glass doors can be used in creative ways, like using two doors to meet at a 90° angle and carve out a new room from scratch.

Once you have your interior sliding glass door picked out, professional installation ensures it fits and functions properly. So you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your newly divided room for years to come.

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