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Why Fixed Windows are Great for Cleveland Homeowners

Posted on November 30, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Cleveland

You have a lot of options when replacing your home's windows. One great choice to consider are fixed windows. 

picture window winter view

What is a Fixed Window?

A fixed window (also called a picture window or a fixed frame) is a non-operable window, meaning it doesn’t open or close.

The Benefits of Fixed Windows

Fixed windows have many benefits operable windows might not offer. While having a fixed window isn't right for every homeowner or every home, they can provide a lot of value in the right circumstances.picture windows in living room

Many homeowners are interested in fixed windows because of how they highlight homes. Fixed windows frame a home's yard and outdoor areas. This is why they're often called "picture windows". 

Other windows have sashes, grilles and windowpanes that can be obstructive, which isn't always ideal.

Fix windows also complement small spaces and can form window walls. These walls are constituted of many individual windows, maximizing natural light. 

Easy Maintenance

With fewer parts making up a fixed window, there is less potential for wear and tear on hardware and other features as the window ages. Day-to-day maintenance like cleaning is also easier since you won't need to worry about multiple, separate window panels or dusting around hardware. 


In addition to ongoing maintenance, installing fixed windows tends to be easier and quicker. With fewer parts, fixed windows are budget-friendly. 

In the long run, fixed windows also can offer energy savings. Since fixed windows can't be open and shut and feature permanent seals, they typically trim down energy bills. 


Because fixed windows can't be unlocked, or even opened, they may offer an added layer of security. 


While not always, often you can get fixed windows in much larger sizes than operable windows. This is due to overall weight.

Casement windows, for example, look similar to fixed windows but come in limited size options due to their weight. Casement windows can't too large because, at a certain point, the weight will stress the window's hinges, causing drooping. 

For this very reason, Pella of Cleveland has size restrictions for different window styles. Fixed windows don't need hinges, so they offer more size options than some alternatives. 

Whether you want to optimize your home's aesthetics, let in more light or save some money on your bills, fixed windows might be the perfect solution for your home. 

picture window in kitchen

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