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5 Must-Haves to Create an Amazing Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Columbus

on May 3, 2021

indoor outdoor living scape multi-slide patio doors kitchen pool

Springtime is here! As the temperature continues to rise, more people are looking to spend time outside.  It’s the perfect time to begin a new project and give your home the style and innovation you deserve. Here are 5 items you need to create an amazing indoor-outdoor living space.

1. Outdoor Kitchen

With summer comes grilling. Being able to have not only an indoor kitchen but an awesome outdoor one is essential to having an entertaining outdoor space. With the patio doors open, you can let the aroma of the grill come inside and the sweet smells of baked goods flow outside. The spaces come together to form one big oasis. Guests can glide between food set up in your kitchen or dining area and your outdoor kitchen setup with ease. You can also add some flare to the space by having an outdoor bar with refreshing drinks for all your guests. Having a grill, outdoor oven and stove leads to good food and good times. Whether you like smoking meats, grilling burgers or just making fancy cocktails, having an outdoor kitchen area is a great opportunity.

2. Outdoor Furniture

You want your guests to be able to enjoy the breeze and fresh air while relaxing so the next key item for your outdoor living space is outdoor furniture. You can mimic the furniture that is already in your home and even have the same flooring continue from the inside to the outside. You can incorporate sofas, tables, benches and garden chairs. There are also many different types of materials for outdoor furniture to fit your needs, whether it needs to be extra durable for the kids or just extra comfy for napping. And who doesn’t love a good hammock? You can also build or buy cabinets and storage for the outdoor space. Whatever you decide, what’s essential is to have fun picking out sets or each individual piece of furniture and watch your space come together.

3. An Entertainment Centerpiece

To make sure that your party is the talk of the town, you’ll need an entertainment center and for the hot summers. A pool is perfect. There are so many options to choose from to make sure your pool remains consistent with the needs of your guests and home. You can have an above or in-ground pool and can always add accessories including pool noodles, swimming toys and floating chairs. A pool is a grand centerpiece to keep your guests (and the kids) occupied and having a blast. If a pool isn’t right for you though, you can find another centerpiece for entertaining your guests. This could be a game area with volleyball or foosball tables, or it could be a garden area for relaxation. The possibilities are endless.

4. A Fire Pit

While entertaining during the day is fun, you also want to have a nighttime element to your outdoor setup. Getting a fire pit and being able to have family tell stories and share a laugh around a bonfire is why you have that outdoor space in the first place. You can have family and guests connect, snuggle up with a blanket and enjoy the warmth of the fire pit and the shining of the stars above your home. Fire pits also call for more good food, including s'mores, hot dogs or oysters. A fire pit is the perfect item to end your night of entertaining with friends and family.

5. Multi-Slide Patio Doors

Patio doors should provide an opportunity for you to look outside and for sunlight to make its way inside your home. Some patio doors separate the outside from the inside, but a good set of patio doors will allow you to open your home up to let fresh air in and create a space to walk between the inside and outside.


multi-slide patio door living room to outside


open multi-slide patio doors tucked into wall

A patio door that can complement your indoor and outdoor accessories while bringing those areas together will be sure to get reactions from your guests. With the multi-slide patio doors, you can have your second kitchen outside; you can cook and prep food inside and carry it directly outside or have tables with food in both areas! You can also use these patio doors to let sunlight and the summer breeze in. Overall, multi-slide patio doors will be able to create an even bigger open concept living area.

Pella offers multi-slide patio doors that are great for opening up your home and creating a unique indoor/outdoor living space. They blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. These patio doors can have up to 10 panels that open up and tuck into pockets from one side to another or from the middle so that the doors can seem to disappear into the wall. The panels can be opened and closed manually, or they can be controlled automatically. This allows an effortless push of a button if you wish for them to be automatic. 

Multi-slide patio doors can be opened from one side or from the middle to create the design and feel that you want. The tracks that they ride on can also be made straight, curved, or meet at a 90-degree corner. Multi-slide patio doors can tuck out of sight in a wall pocket or be stacked together. These doors provide a large viewable area and bring in tons of natural light. Pella multi-slide patio doors are available in the Pella Reserve and Architect Series in either traditional or contemporary styles. Spring and summer bring fun. Updating and creating an innovative and entertaining indoor-outdoor space will allow your home to host a variety of parties and fun activities for your friends and family. On the list of key elements include outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchen equipment, a centerpiece like a pool, a fire pit, and more importantly, Pella’s multi-slide patio door to tie everything together.

Comment if we missed anything that would make an outdoor living space even better!

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