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Decorative Glass

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Columbus

on November 6, 2019

entry door with decorative glass

Replacing your entry door can be difficult when you’re trying to upgrade your entry door while still retaining the aesthetic you already have. Decorative glass can be the perfect answer to your new entry door design. This September our Columbus homeowners took full advantage of the plethora of decorative glass options we offer in order to customize their entryways!

Our sales team sees some of the best and newest trends when they’re out spending time with their customers and helping them to replace their windows and doors. They’re all throughout our city each and every day both seeing and installing some of the newest, most modern trends. When it comes to modernizing and updating your home, you couldn’t take advice from a better source! Luckily we’re curating the month’s trends that we’ve noticed, just for you in Columbus, every single month. September’s trend of the month? Our Columbus homeowners are installing entry doors with decorative glass in order to achieve a more beautiful entry!

When looking to get a new entry door with decorative glass there are three main details to consider:

Glass Design: Statement vs. Select

Much of this detail comes down to personal preference and what’s going to match best with your home. However, it’s important to ask your rep what glass options are available with the material or style of door you’re planning to design. While many glass options will be available across all entry door products, statement glass (Stella and Castile) is available only on Architect Series and Pella entry doors. You can check out the 8 glass options we offer here.

Caming Options

Caming is the metal framework that holds your decorative glass pieces in place. While the caming is extremely functional, it also presents an opportunity to design intricate metal detailing for your glass and door. You have the option to match your hardware or other metals that are featured in your home as well.

Privacy Level

While glass design and caming are important design considerations, the type of glass you choose can enhance the level of privacy as well as overall aesthetic. All obscure glass choices offers a higher level of privacy than unobscured glass, but some people have different preferences when it comes to the type of obscurity offered. It’s important to determine the level of privacy required for your home by considering where your home is located and what your entry door opens up to. For example, an entry door to a mud room or hall may require different levels of obscured glass compared to an entry door that opens into a living room. Once you’ve determined possible options that will meet your privacy needs you can then choose the one of those that fits best with your style or the aesthetic of your home.

Once you’ve considered these three main details, you’ll be able to find the perfect decorative glass for your entry door! If you’d like to learn more about a new entry door for your home with decorative glass, reach out to one of our sales team members here.

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