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Stunning Window and Door Combination Ideas

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Columbus

on December 6, 2021

Pella Impervia fiberglass black casement and awning windows

The windows and doors on your home don’t have to be cookie-cutter; they can be unique and enhance your home's architecture. At Pella, we have several window types and even special shape windows that you can choose from to build a stunning, one-of-a-kind window and/or door combination.

Choose Unique Window Combinations

We offer several different types of windows that can be put together to create a distinct look in your home. Utilize varying shapes and sizes to create an interesting design. Use different tools like grilles or even use the wall as a spacer to add a separation between your windows that draws in the viewer.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outwards, providing ventilation and glass space that creates an unobstructed view. You could just have a casement window in your room, or you could make a statement with some window combinations. For example, you could put two casement windows side by side to create an even larger viewing space while also adding more airflow when they are open. You could also add transoms under the set of two casement windows or just a single one. Transoms are simply windows that are placed above other windows and doors. These windows are typically small and fixed, but could also be switched out for awning windows. Another window combination that can create a large, open viewing area while still having functioning windows is a clad frame over three fixed windows, with a larger one in the middle. These fixed windows would be placed over the casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows glide open horizontally from one side to the other. This type of window can also utilize the combinations we talked about above you can put fixed windows over a sliding window, or you can add a transom. Also, think about different sizes. You could have a taller sliding window with fixed windows on each side, or you could have a typical, horizontal sliding window that's wide with multiple small square windows above it. You could also do a chord or half-circle over sliding windows if you wanted to incorporate shapes other than simple squares.

Pella Lifestyle wood double-hung windows with circle window

Single- or Double-Hung Windows

Single- and double-hung windows can be easily opened to let in the fresh air. They are a classic window type that you have probably seen on many different homes. The difference between single- and double-hung is simply that the top sash on double-hung windows can also open, whereas the top sash on a single-hung window isn't operable. As for combinations, you can choose to put multiple single- or double-hung windows side by side. You can add transom windows over these windows as well. To get even more unique, add an arched or curved top transom over two double-hung windows to create a large viewing area. You could also put a right-side quarter of an arched transom over one double-hung window, a large fixed window in the middle and a left-side quarter transom over another double-hung window.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three angled windows that protrude from the exterior of your home. Traditionally, this combination includes a large, fixed window in the center with smaller flanking windows on either side. Bow windows are similar to bay windows but have some unique differences. While bow windows also protrude from the exterior of your home, they curve in a semi-circular structure rather than an angular one. Bow windows typically have four or five similarly-sized windows versus the larger center window with two flanking windows found in bay windows. You can choose the types of windows that you would like to use in either style. For example, a bay window can have a large picture window surrounded by double-hung or fixed windows. For bow windows, you can have four fixed windows or utilize operable windows like casement windows.

Picture Windows

Picture windows or fixed windows are non-operable windows that provide a larger glass area that is great for letting in tons of natural light and enjoying beautiful views. With picture windows, you can get creative by choosing angle-top shapes and rectangles. This includes windows in shapes like pentagons, trapezoids and triangles. You can also utilize these shapes along with squares and rectangles to stack them together, creating an interesting architectural design. Another great idea that's common in modern and contemporary homes is to have picture windows lined up side by side from the floor to the ceiling to create a glass wall for maximum natural light.

Pella Lifestyle Series wood hinged patio door and double-hung windows

Coordinate Your Windows and Doors

You don’t have to settle for just a door in your entryway or patio, you can use a combination of doors and windows to create an elegant, architecturally interesting entry or exit point. For example, with our French hinged doors, you can combine them with one or multiple double-hung windows on either side depending on the amount of space you have. You can also use this concept by choosing a combination of a sliding patio door surrounded by fixed picture windows that vary in shape and size, creating a large glass viewing area that lets in lots of sunlight.

Overall, there are many unique window and door combinations that you can achieve. Our window professionals are here to help you decide on what’s best for you and your needs and to help you realize that there are so many options and possibilities when it comes to Pella. Get started on your design vision today by scheduling your free in-home consultation!

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