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Fort Worth Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows Offer a Classic Touch

Fort Worth is home to an array of traditional architectural styles, from the ranch-style homes of Plano, Bedford and Mesquite to the mansions of Southlake. Classic double-hung windows are common sights on homes throughout the area.

Double-hung windows have been one of the most popular window styles for years. Commonly known as sash windows, double-hung windows have two operable sashes which slide vertically within the frame. For ventilation, the top sash can be lowered, the bottom sash can be lifted, or both sashes can be adjusted for increased air circulation. Traditional double-hung windows are both easy to operate and clean and provide a timeless look.

Commonly known as: sash windows, hung sash windows

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Wood Double-Hung Windows

Wood is a popular window material among today’s homeowners thanks to its natural insulating properties and timeless style. The insulating properties are especially relevant to Fort Worth homeowners conscious of the climate’s high-wind weather events. Consider a traditional grille pattern to enhance the timeless look of your double-hung windows.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Historically, double-hung windows have had one pane of glass. Today, double- and triple-pane options are available for better insulation. Energy-efficient windows use insulating gas in between multiple layers of glass to help create a barrier between you and the elements. Look for replacement double-hung windows with the ENERGY STAR® rating for superb energy efficiency.

Mid-Century Modern Windows

Mid-century modern design is not quite as popular as the ranch style homes that have proliferated around Fort Worth, but the clean lines and subtle elegance hold a unique appeal among area homeowners. Double-hung windows are popular in these houses because the horizontal sashes provide clean lines and highlight the flat architecture.

Black Double-Hung Windows

Across the country, homeowners, including those in the state of Texas, are finding themselves attracted to black window frames. Black has long been synonymous with elegance, and while a crisp black finish provides the striking contrast commonly associated with contemporary style, this color is no longer reserved for any one particular style of home.

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Fort Worth Climate Recommendations

Wood Window Frames

Design your home to be more wind resistant with wood frames, reducing the chances of damage to your home during high-wind weather events.

Low-E Protection

SunDefense® Low-E Insulating Glass with Argon can help block a significant percentage of the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays. Low-E insulating glass helps keep your home cool and comfortable during the dry summer heat.

Glass Glazing

Single-pane window glazing can help seal out the weather — including those harsh temperatures — and help you maintain a cool and comfortable home climate.


Fort Worth Window Replacement

In addition to modernizing your home, replacing old or inefficient windows can help increase your energy efficiency, keeping your home more comfortable. We make the process simple. Our replacement window experts can help you select, install, and enjoy replacement windows for years to come. Find window replacement options and advice for your area.

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