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What You Need to Know About Double-Hung Windows


on March 16, 2018


Trends come and go. Innovation leads to new window styles and features. Yet double-hung windows are still a top choice for homeowners.

Their perch at the top has little to do with looks. You can find similar materials, designs, colors and features across window styles. Double-hung windows are a popular choice for one primary reason: functionality.

What is a double hung window

Double-hung windows have two sashes that you can open up for fresh air. The bottom sash raises so you can draw in cool air from outside. The top sash lowers to pull hot air from your ceiling out the window. The sashes slide past each other within the frame. You can open them both at the same time to get better circulation in your home.

What are the advantages of this design?

You probably can’t tell the difference between double-hung and single-hung windows from afar. They look the same. The differences are all in the design. That second operable sash on a double-hung window unlocks a number of benefits.

Double hung window above sink

Increased airflow

You can ventilate just about any room with just one double-hung window. Opening both sashes just a bit sends warm air out and brings the cool breeze in. You can control the airflow by opening each sash more or less to find your comfort zone. This is especially handy to help ventilate warm upstairs bedrooms in two-story homes.

Advantages of double hung windows

The simplest way to clean a window is from the inside. For most other styles, you may need a ladder to clean the exterior of a window. With double-hung windows, you have the option of getting sashes that tilt in — making it easier and quicker to clean your whole window.


Double-hung windows are nice because opening the top sash allows you to let hot air leave the room while leaving the bottom sash closed for children and pets.

What are my size and design options?

Double-hung windows are highly customizable, a byproduct of their popularity. There’s a large selection of standard sizes.

Standard sizes make it easier to find a window to fit your home. And are typically less expensive than a custom-sized or oddly-shaped window. It also allows you to build unique window combinations out of different-sized double-hung windows. Or add transom and adjacent windows with special shapes like half circles and small rectangles.

When you’re searching for a window replacement, you’ll likely find that double-hung windows offer the functionality and flexibility to fit just about any room in your home. With the number of sizes, combinations, and other features, you can get a standard window that looks anything but.

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