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Black Window Frames: The New Nashville Trend

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Nashville

on October 24, 2022

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your Nashville home's windows, you’ve probably come across many tips to do so. As you browse through websites and catalogs, you may have noticed that black window frames are gaining traction all over homes in Nashville.

What was once just a simple feature of the home, designers are embracing black window frames as a great addition to interiors for a variety of reasons.

If you’re on the fence about black window frames, here are some reasons why they’re a great choice for your Nashville home.

Black Windows Are Available in Various Materials

There’s always a black window frame that’ll suit your style, budget and preferences. For instance, you can opt for black aluminum-clad windows if you have a tight window replacement budget. Despite being budget-friendly, black aluminum will make any space look elegant. 

For more modern and classic styles, it’s best to choose black wood and fiberglass, or even blackened steel. This material will add texture and visual appeal, especially to contemporary and industrial spaces.

They Look Great in Any Part of the Home

Black window frames can be easily incorporated into any type of room in the house, making them truly versatile. They have a modern element to them and can help you enhance a space by adding contrast.

Take note that black frames may overpower rooms that have lighter elements, like white walls and bright-colored furniture. As a design tip, make sure to strike a balance. This can be done by adding pieces of dark furniture. 

While black frames look good all over the house, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have them in every room. It’s important to always match the room's interiors. 

Here are some popular black window styles to choose from: 

  • Casement: This type of black window style functions like a door — it opens in or out with hinges on the side. Take note that casement windows that open outward are more susceptible to the environment. Thus, make sure to consider the climate if you opt for this window style.
  • Sliding: Available as vertical or horizontal sliders, a sliding window provides the best ventilation, making it ideal for small rooms. 
  • Awning: This black window style is best paired with a large window.

They Provide Contrast

Black frames can add drama and contrast to your lighter, simpler spaces. This can help you define a space and balance out light-colored furniture. 

Replacing your interior window frames with black ones can also emphasize the view outdoors by giving it a framed-canvas look. 

Additionally, since black is a classic color, it’ll blend and complement almost any part of your home.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Since having a home is a major investment, it’s no surprise that homeowners should take good care of their properties. One of the ways to ensure the home’s value remains competitive on the market is to strengthen and update its look. So, when the time comes that you want to sell your house, you can get a good return on investment. 

Black window frames enhance a home’s curb appeal, which can increase its price. This is especially true if the window frames match the home's grilles and doors. Even though design trends are always changing, black frames are a classic trend that's not going out of style any time soon.

Window Replacement: From Boring Frames to Black Window Frames

If you’ve already decided to replace your current window frames with black window frames, it’s important to consider some key factors:

  • Home Style. As mentioned above, black window frames fit great with modern-looking homes. But, this type of frame also works well with other styles, like ranch-style, industrial and craftsmen. So, consider the style of your home first, and assess if it’ll match a black window frame.
  • Budget. Don’t forget to set (and stick to) a budget. Your budget will determine the type of material you end up with.
  • Design Consistency. Speaking of budget, if you have the money for it, it’s best to be consistent with your design. This means installing black window frames both in your interiors and exteriors. However, if you’re planning to install them gradually, choose which part of the house to prioritize. ?Black window frames, when installed on the inside, can help tie the room together — especially since they create contrast. On the other hand, an exterior that has black window frames has been adored by architects and designers. This is because black reinforces the entire geometry of the house. Paired with a black door, black window frames can make a dramatic statement on the exterior’s aesthetic.

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