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Design Trend: Trying Black Window Frames


on July 24, 2017


Home design experts agree: black is the new black. While staying on top of the latest trends isn’t always easy, black window frames for new modern exteriors and interiors is a surprisingly versatile option. Houses with black window frames look up-to-date while maintaining an everyday appeal, and since black pairs well with a variety of different design choices, the customization options are practically endless. See how black frame windows can be your next big home improvement.

Black frame windows for various styles

When going with black window frames, the first word that comes to mind is modern. However, when used correctly, black frames can be the perfect complement to traditional, industrial and everyday domestic interiors as well. Just like a classic black suit, darker frames pair well with the full color spectrum, and can actually highlight some of the finer details in your favorite room.

The benefit of black is that it adds a bit of extra contrast that can help define a space. In kitchens and living rooms dominated by light-colored walls and furniture, black can be the ideal counterweight. Some homeowners worry that black will be too stark of a contrast, however black windows blend in naturally to interiors, looking like a shadow line at first glance. They can help create the illusion of a clearer, more open view, minimizing their visual weight in comparison to the outside world.

Black windows are a growing trend because in the aesthetic canvas of your home it creates a stark frame that turns your outdoor environment into wall art. And the bold framing of your windows can go with almost any wall color.

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Inside or out?

On the inside of your home, black window frames can help bring a room together in a way lighter frames might not be able to, adding structure and contrast. But the same is true for your home’s curb appeal. Black frames can add much-needed definition to nearly any building façade and catch the eye of anyone out for a neighborhood stroll.

Black window frames’ exterior charm has been prized by high-end architects for decades because of the way their distinct color reinforces the geometry of the home. Along with a black front door, they make a bold, dramatic statement on your exterior aesthetic. With a quick color swap, many different residences can benefit in the same way, and tap into a lasting tradition.

Finding your Inspiration

Black window trim can be successfully incorporated into just about any type of room, and so the only limit is your imagination. But for the best results, take a few design cues from some of the best in the business, and be aware of the following tips.

Black frames can be overpowering in rooms that only have lighter elements. So if you really want to include darker frames in a particular room, make sure to balance them with another piece of dark furniture.

While going with black frames in one room doesn’t necessarily mean following the trend through the entire house, make sure your color swap fits into an overall picture. This is especially true from the outside of your home.

Black frames are especially valuable if there is a particular view you want to highlight, as the eye will naturally be drawn outside.

Where to get yours

Black window frames are an available option in fiberglass or wood. Pella vinyl frames with black exterior and white interior add a definite modern appeal with a fast and professional installation. Find out more about all of the available design options, hardware combinations, and get your quote today online.

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