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New England Front Entry Doors

Replacement Front Entry Doors Add Charm to New England Homes

It’s not difficult to find a charming home in New England. The homes in central and southeastern New Hampshire and southwest Maine are brimming with history and curb appeal. From Victorian farmhouses in Plymouth and classic Colonials in Manchester to the Cottage-style homes found along the seacoast from Hampton to Portland, homes in this region are rich in charm.

A stylish entrance can have a huge impact on a home’s overall appearance. Front doors serve not only as the entry to your home, but they also speak to the history of your home and your personal preferences.

Commonly known as: main door, entry door, entrance door

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

  • Entry door with sidelights Front Door with Sidelights

    Sidelights, narrow window panels on one or both sides of a front door, draw natural light indoors and present homeowners with another opportunity to customize their entries. Sidelights are versatile additions to front entry door systems and can be found on many different styles of homes, from a 1/4 light sidelight on one side of a Craftsman front door to full-length sidelights flanking a traditional four-panel Colonial door.

  • Victorian homes Victorian Front Doors

    Asymmetrical design and artful details are prominent characteristics of Victorian-era homes, like many of those found in Portsmouth. When designing a front entry door for your Queen Anne-style home, consider how a front door with a single sidelight or a fiberglass front door with decorative glass would enhance the style.

  • Fiberglass Entry Doors Fiberglass Entry Doors 

    Wood entry doors have timeless appeal and are common sights on traditional-style homes, yet many New England homeowners prefer the low-maintenance and energy-efficient qualities found in fiberglass entry doors. Easy-care Pella fiberglass front doors are available in a wide range of stains and finish colors, including a wood-look finish, that requires no additional painting or restaining.

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations1

Customize a new or replacement entry door to suit your unique style. Consider a New England grille pattern or antique brass hardware to enhance a Cottage-style home or decorative glass and sidelights for a look fitting a Victorian home.


  • Multipoint Locking System Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve – Del Mar Bright Brass
  • Multipoint Locking System Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve – Del Mar Antique Brass
  • Multipoint Locking System Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve – Del Mar Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Multipoint Locking System Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve – Del MarMatte Black
  • Multipoint Locking System Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve – Del Mar Satin Nickel
  • Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve Handle Sets — Chesapeake Bright Brass
  • Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve Handle Sets — Chesapeake Antique Brass
  • Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve Handle Sets — Chesapeake Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Classic Collection Baldwin® Reserve Handle Sets — Chesapeake Satin Nickel
  • Essential Collection Handle Sets – Bright Brass
  • Essential Collection Handle Sets – Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Essential Collection Handle Sets – Satin Nickel

Transoms, Sidelights, and Grilles

  • Full Light Sidelight
  • ¾ Light Sidelight
  • ½ Light Sidelight
  • ¼ Light Sidelight
  • Decorative Glass

1Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

New England Climate Recommendations

As part of the humid continental climate zone, New Hampshire and Maine both experience cold winters, warm summers and moderate fall and spring months. Precipitation is high year-round, which brings ample wintertime snowfall and rain during warmer months. Keep your New England home protected from the elements with insulating glass and durable front door materials. 

Winter Weather

Winter Weather

Frequent storms during the winter bring bitter cold and frozen precipitation. Protect your door from the elements with a storm door from Pella.2

Low-E Protection

Low-E Protection

Keep warm in the winter by helping to reduce the heat loss from your home. Doors with panes of glass with Low-E may help keep your home insulated, blocking out the cold and helping keep the heat in.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors

For good insulation and protection from drafts and leaks, choose fiberglass entry doors.

Why Choose Pella?

Customized with You in Mind

Pella windows and doors are made specifically for your home because one size doesn't fit all. With access to many materials, colors and options, including exclusive snap-in options for shades, blinds and grilles, along with smart home products and a proprietary finishing process that helps provide a quality finish.

Built to Last

Pella products are backed by some of the strongest window, door and installation warranties in the business. When installed by a Pella branch, your project is backed by our Pella Care Guarantee, our package of product warranties, installation warranty and service agreement that covers your products and their installation — including labor — for up to 10 years. See the written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, or contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527.

We Come to You

An in-home consultation can help you explore all options and get a professional opinion on what will work best for you. During the consultation, local window professionals can come to your home to assess your window replacement needs and understand your priorities and budget.

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A Pella Windows & Doors of New England expert can help you pick out a window that fits your home - and your style. Find your local Pella representative to schedule a free in-home consultation, measurement, and estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What factory-prefinished stain and paint colors are available on Pella products?
    • Wood Windows and Patio Doors – Wood interiors offer more design flexibility — windows and patio doors can be stained or painted to match your decor.  Explore the interior and exterior finish options available for Pella's wood products.

      As part of Pella Corporation’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, we use Water-Based Green Chemistry. Our factory-applied stain is water-based, which significantly decreases the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the air.

      Fiberglass Windows and Patio Doors – Available in colors offering the quality look of painted wood — including a dual-color option. Explore the interior and exterior finish options available for Pella's fiberglass products.

      Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors – Pella's unique vinyl formula is performance-tested for excellent weathering, durability, and color retention. Solid- and Dual-Color frames are available. Explore the interior and exterior finish options available for Pella's vinyl products.

      Fiberglass and Steel Entry Doors – You'll save time and finishing costs when your entry door arrives prefinished in your choice of paint or stain color that will look beautiful for years. Explore interior and exterior finish options for Pella's fiberglass and steel entry doors.

  •   Which Pella doors are available with SmartKey® Technology?
  •   Where can I get paint or stain to match the interior and exterior of my Pella products?
    • Paints and stains for Pella products are available in quarts and gallons via special order through Lowe's stores or your local Pella Window and Door Showroom. You will need to provide the color of the paint or stain that you need to place an order.

      Or you may take the color or stain desired along with the substrate you are trying to match to your local Sherwin-Williams® or home improvement store and have them custom match the color.

      If you don't have a Pella paint chip or just need a small bottle of touch up paint or stain for dings and scratches, submit a request to Pella Corporation's customer support team or call (877) 473-5527 for further assistance.

      Be sure to consult with your local paint or finish store representative or professional to help address your specific finishing needs and review the finishing section of your Pella Owner's Manual for details about how to properly finish your Pella products.

  •   How do I clean and restore shine to the handles and hardware on my windows and doors?
    • A soft cloth and mild cleaner may be used on most Pella hardware finishes. 

      Living finish Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware will develop its own unique patina with use, care and handling. Simply wipe the hardware with a soft cloth so as not to damage the finish. The changing of color on the hardware is not a warranty issue.

      The solid brass hardware used on some previous vintages of Pella wood hinged (French) patio doors has a clear protective coating to prevent tarnishing. Download instructions to care for solid brass hardware.

      For additional information about how to properly care for your Pella windows and doors, refer to the Cleaning section of the Pella Window and Patio Door Owner's Manual.  

      For further assistance, submit a request to Pella Corporation's customer support team or call (877)-473-5527.

  •   How much does an entry door cost?
  •   What glass options are available on Pella entry doors?
    • Pella offers a variety of unique glass types and distinctive caming to deliver the style, privacy and light you're looking for. Find the glass collections for your Pella product:

  •   Do I need to finish my Pella entry door?
    • If your fiberglass or steel entry door from Pella was delivered without an interior or exterior finish (paint or stain), you must finish it within 30 days to protect your investment.

      If your wood entry door from Pella was delivered without an interior or exterior finish (paint or stain), you must finish it within 14 days to protect your investment. 

      The Pella warranty does not cover issues associated with failure to properly finish in a timely manner. Get complete details on your warranty, including exceptions and limitations.


      • For a professional-looking painted finish, it's important to use a quality brush or spray technique. Contact your local paint professional for recommendations.
      • Installation of a steel entry door within five miles of a seacoast is not recommended due to the risk of corrosion, and it will void Pella's steel entry door warranty.

      Be sure to consult with your local paint or finish store representative or professional to help address your specific finishing needs and review the Finishing section of the Pella Entry Door Owner's Manual for details about how to properly finish your Pella entry door.

  •   What do I need to know about finishing or refinishing my entry door?
    • Before finishing your entry door system, you must know whether your entry door panel and sidelights are fiberglass or steel. If you're unsure if your entry door is made of fiberglass or steel, place a magnet on your door — if it sticks, it's most likely steel.

      Your Pella packaging and sales invoice should also indicate the door type. Check with your Pella representative for specific information on your product. Visit the Pella Help Library for finishing tips.

  •   How do I stain my fiberglass entry door?
    • If you desire a stained wood appearance on your wood-grain fiberglass door panels, sidelights, and glass frames, apply gel stain and clear finish according to the manufacturer's directions. For best results, always apply stain in the direction of the grain. Be sure to finish door edges.

      Visit the Pella Help Library for staining tips.

  •   How do I paint my fiberglass entry door?
    • If you're going to paint your entry door panel, be sure to ask a qualified paint or finishing professional to recommend a paint with good blocking resistance. Don't rely on a paint's price or brand name in making your selection — an expensive paint may not necessarily offer good blocking resistance. Failure to use a high-quality paint with good blocking resistance may result in a door that sticks shut even after the paint has dried.

      Once you have the right paint, promptly paint all exterior surfaces, including door panel edges, with two coats of quality exterior paint with good blocking resistance. Then paint all interior surfaces with two coats of quality interior paint with good block resistance.

      NOTE: Applying thick layers of paint may hide the texture of the door panel.

      1. Stir paint well.
      2. Wet only the tip of the brush, and apply one thin coat. Brush in the direction of the grain.
      3. Apply paint to various door components first, such as the door edges, brickmould, jambs, mullions, glazing frames and wood frames. Then paint the panel.
      4. Clean brush.
      5. Wait at least six hours between each coat application of the paint. Finish must be completely dry before applying the next coat. Do not sand between coats.
      6. Repeat Steps 1–4 for each additional coat applied.

      NOTE: A primer may be necessary to get proper adhesion. Contact your local paint supplier to determine if a primer is necessary with the selected paint.

      CAUTION: Finish all exposed door panel edges, including the top edge. This helps reduce the chance of warping. After finishing the entry door system, allow the door to dry completely, in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s directions, before closing it.

      Be sure to consult with your local paint or finish store representative or professional to help address your specific finishing needs and review the Finishing section of the Pella Entry Door Owner's Manual for details about how to properly finish your Pella entry door. 

      Get complete warranty details for your entry door, including exceptions and limitations.

  •   Does Pella sell fire-rated entry doors? How can I tell if I have a fire-rated entry door from Pella?
    • Yes, Pella sells fire-rated entry doors and will have two foil stickers indicating that they are fire-rated. The first is a silver sticker located on the frame or jamb; the second is a black sticker noting that is it a 20-minute rated panel.

  •   How long is the factory prefinish warranty on entry doors?
  •   Can I install a storm door on my Pella entry door?
    • Entry door systems from Pella are designed to be compatible with the installation of a Pella storm door. Below are a few things to consider:

      • A ventilating Pella storm door is optimal for use with an entry door from Pella.
      • The use of a storm door of any type in higher temperature climates is not recommended.
      • The combination of a darker color and direct sun can affect the panel material of an entry door from Pella when a storm door is used.
      • The use of the ventilating screen is recommended during the summer months when using a fullview storm door with an entry door from Pella.

      Learn more about Pella storm doors.

Entry Door Projects with Pella Front Doors

Find entry door inspiration when you click through front door projects from homeowners across the country.

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