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Replacement Windows for Traditional & Historic Homes

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of New England

on November 2, 2021


Many families across New England live in traditional or historic homes. Traditional homes, like Victorian, Colonial, Georgian and more can be found in abundance throughout Maine and New Hampshire. These homes are attractive due to their charm and unique characteristics that signify a specific period in time.

Owning an older home can present challenges, especially when it comes to being energy efficient and comfortable. Some of these traditional and historic homes may have original windows and doors that cause drafts and are needing to be replaced. Installing replacement windows and doors can lead to a cozier environment throughout the seasons. If the replacement windows and doors are energy efficient, homeowners may even enjoy energy savings month to month on their bills.

When it’s time to update a historic home with new windows or doors, matching the original style can put forth a challenge. Here are some guidelines to follow to stay true to a home’s architecture and elements.

An example of a mahogany traditional style window

Functional Windows with Character

There are few styles of windows that ring true to the historic character of many New England homes. Double-hung and single-hung windows are two options that make a great fit in nearly any traditional store. Both double- and single-hung windows are made from two sashes stacked on top of each other. The difference is that single-hung windows can only operate from one sash, and a double-hung window can open from both sashes. Double-hung windows can be found in Colonial, Georgian and Victorian-style homes. In the days before central air, these windows provided homes with airflow. Double-hung windows are a good choice for many homes as they are low maintenance and easy to care for.

If double- or single-hung windows aren’t the desired style, casement windows work well. While they aren’t traditional to the time period, casement windows are just a larger single panel of glass. These windows open on a hinge and crank out to allow for airflow.

One of the most recognizable traditional-style windows is the bay window. Bay windows are a collection of three fixed — or operable — windows angled to create a focal point. Bay windows are often complemented with a window seat or bench. To add even more character to a bay window, a transom or awning window with decorative glass. 

Fiberglass Entry Door

Beautiful Fiberglass Entry Doors

When it comes to finding a replacement entry door for a historic Northeastern home, many homeowners opt for a fiberglass door. Fiberglass entry doors are low-maintenance and durable that can still have the look and beauty of a wood door. Not only can fiberglass doors help save energy, but these entry doors also help improve curb appeal. Entry doors can add style and personality to a traditional home. 

A single panel door is a good option for a historic home. There are many different options to customize a fiberglass entry door including adding glass accents within the door or on the side or top as sidelights or transoms. To match the period style of a home, decorative glass adds even more character.

For a more grandiose entryway, many homeowners opt for double front doors. These front doors create a welcoming focal point both inside and out for a home. Glass and grille accents can be added as seen fit for the home’s architectural style.

Pella Windows & Doors of New England is staffed with experienced windows and door professionals who know the area. These professionals can help homeowners find the right solution for new or replacement windows or doors taking into consideration the climate and architectural style. Call or stop by the nearest showroom today.

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