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Prepare Your Home for the February Slush

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on February 12, 2021

Winter is not often a homeowner’s favorite season, however, given the holidays, most smile through the chill of December, looking forward to time off from work spent with the family, and usually, some form of a sweet treat! However, by the end of December, the cold turns to snow for January, and by February, the dreaded brown slush that coats the streets of the Northeast and Midwest arrives and is here to stay for at least two months.

Not only does this slush soak your boots and freeze your toes, but those boots also drag it into your home and can stain your floors, walls, décor and even cause mold if not taken care of properly. On your boots isn’t the only way slush can enter your home either, ill-sealed entry doors, kids' coats and dog fur are all just as likely culprits. Luckily, we are proud slush experts thanks to our extensive entryway knowledge! Here’s how to optimize your entryway to prevent slush from damaging your home.

Replace Ill-Fitted or Ill-Sealed Doors and Storm Doors

This is going to be a key factor in preventing slush and snow from leaking into your home. While the other tips help to mitigate kids and pets, if your door isn’t sealed properly and snow, slush or water is leaking into your entryway, you’re going to end up with a lot of damage—especially if you have hardwood flooring.

While a new entry door or storm door may seem like a big purchase, having to replace or repair a hardwood floor due to water damage will cost you much more, and in the end, you’ll have to replace the door anyway or risk ruining your new flooring. Get ahead of the problem before it becomes an even bigger problem by replacing the door with a proper installation crew.

Floor Mats, Floor Mats Everywhere!

If a leaking door isn’t a part of the equation for you, preventing snow and slush from boots and paws will be the biggest hurdle. A good place to start is by getting quality floor mats. We recommend one on the outside of your home as well as one in the inner entryway of your home. This is because often when people are going in and out of a home, they’re doing it together, so one small mat might not be enough for adequate protection of your home.

Cubbies for Your Cubs

Other potential ways to bring snow and slush into your home are bookbags, hats, mittens, umbrellas, gym bags and other traveling gear for kids and parents alike. One way to help prevent them from melting on the floor or elsewhere in your home is by setting up a cubby system or other form of storage station next to or as a part of your entryway.

While some might think this could be an eyesore, there are some great, classy and modern options available for nearly any style. Think of it as a way to add more décor and decorative elements to your entryway as well.

Shoe Trays, Inside and Out

Like mats, shoe trays help to contain the snow and slush, they also have added benefits when coupled with mats as they provide a place for snow and slush to melt off boots without the chance of it leaking elsewhere on your floor. Not wanting an unsightly black tray in your entryway? Get any white, marble, or slate black plain tray and buy colorful rocks that match your entryway’s aesthetic to put in them. This provides a stylish spot to contain the slush and snow and isn’t an eyesore.

Pet Paw Washers

pella pup

While a fairly new product, they now have pet paw washers that provide an easy way to get not only snow and slush off your pet’s paws, but mud as well! Simply store this close to your door in one of your cubbies and you’ll be ready no matter what Fido wants to drag in on his paws today!

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