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Think Outside the Box with Custom Pella Windows

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

on January 10, 2022


Custom windows are an excellent choice for showcasing your home’s architecture and style. Here are some ideas to get inspired for your Philadelphia home.

Why Custom Windows?

At Pella, we offer many different types of windows, including custom windows to fit all your needs. When looking at all the window options available, you may be wondering how custom windows can work with your Philadelphia home

Fit Your Home’s Style

Custom windows are commonly chosen to help fit your home’s style. For example, residences with traditional styles tend to have several arched windows, and Philadelphia is home to many historic buildings. Choosing a custom window can help you preserve the original style and history of your home.

Add Architectural Interest and Boost Natural Light

Key reasons why people choose custom and specialty-shaped windows are to add architectural interest and light. Each house has its own style, and many homes are built with unique architectural features and layouts. If you have a high ceiling above your front entrance area or if your home has top points for the roof, for example, you can use windows to highlight the areas. Placing a window in these areas also lets light into your home, giving you plenty of natural light and warmth. Remember that the light from your windows also cast unique shadows, which can help you determine the best place for certain items like furniture in your home.

Unique Window Ideas

Many people think of windows as just squares, but they come in all shapes and sizes. 

Specialty Shapes

Specialty shape windows are a great option if you're trying to achieve a unique aesthetic. French casements and the European style, Tilt-Turn windows are great options to beautify your Philadelphia home.

Triangle Windows

Triangle-shaped windows are an excellent choice for showing off your home’s architectural features. For example, you can place triangle windows leading up to the peak of your roof, so it draws attention to its architecture. You can also use this same idea to fill the corners of your home's walls.

Circle Windows 

Circle windows are another excellent choice if you're looking for an option that's completely different from a traditional square-shaped window. Many circle windows are found near the roof of homes where you may not always be able to reach from the inside. Circle-shaped windows can add interest to your home and break up the boxy look. Entryways and bathrooms are two popular areas for circle and hexagon windows.

Unique Ideas

Windows don’t have to follow typical patterns or designs; they can be unique and stand out. Here are unique things you can do with your windows to make a statement:

Add Bathroom Windows

An idea for a unique window choice for your bathroom: Embrace lots of windows or large ones that have ample glass space for added views and sunlight. This is an innovative style and breaks away from the traditional one to two small windows you may have in your bathroom for ventilation. If you want to go for a luxury look for your large bathroom, put in a bay or bow window with other windows surrounding it, so that you have plenty of glass space to enjoy the view and light coming in.

Incorporate Grids or Custom Grilles

Playing around with the placement of window grids and grilles can take a large picture window and create the look of multiple windows. You can also use custom grilles to create a distinct look for your windows. For example, incorporating custom grilles with your circular windows can create an attractive, angled shape.

Create a Glass Wall

A glass wall is a great way to let in lots of natural light to your home, enjoy your beautiful view and create stunning architecture. When designing a glass wall, you can choose various windows to fill the wall, including differently shaped windows like rectangles, squares and many different sizes of circles.

Try Slim Windows

If you want to make a room look bigger, narrow windows are a great option. Using slim vertical windows can accentuate the height of your room. You can also use this same idea to visually lengthen smaller rooms by adding slim, horizontal windows.

At Pella, we are here to help you decide on the best windows for you and aid in bringing any of your unique visions to life. We want you to express your style and creativity so your Pennsylvania home can stand out with specialty and custom windows. Work with our team to create custom windows that look good and will perform well for years to come. Get started today by setting up a free in-home consultation.

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